TFW you know the check has cleared

Mark Emmert:  sorry, not sorry.


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4 responses to “TFW you know the check has cleared

  1. “I’m pleased we could keep the charade up for as long as we did to maximize the profit…is it too late to put one last lawyer on our payroll or give it one last ‘doin it for the kids’ cliche? …no?…too late?…ok if you don’t mind I’ll grab my golden parachute and exit stage left”

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  2. MGW

    They’re throwing the man parties behind the scenes, guaranteed. He’ll be a legend in the college administration field. The man did exactly what he was asked to do, and did it well: be a lightning rod so everyone else involved can make as much money as possible for as long as possible without taking any blame for the inevitable shit show.

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  3. Harold Miller

    Emmert actually makes Erik Evans look like less of a dick.

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