“There’s nothing like SEC football.”

After years of watching Greg McGarity’s submission act when it came to conference scheduling (if the SEC winds up adopting the 1+7 format in the end, I’d like to see Josh Brooks trade his consent in return for Auburn playing two straight games in Athens), I gotta say I am both jealous and impressed with this kind of attitude:

Texas A&M doesn’t know what year it will renew its celebrated football rivalry with Texas. No later than 2025 but perhaps 2024. The Aggies know exactly where the game will be, however.

“I can’t imagine the atmosphere when that game is played,” A&M athletic director Ross Bjork told the Chronicle on Thursday during the SEC spring meetings. “And it will be played at Kyle Field.”

… As a league newbie along with the Sooners, the Longhorns don’t really have a say in the league’s early scheduling anyway, Bjork added.

“They realize they’re going to be very, very happy to be in the SEC, and that’s why they made the move,” Bjork said. “They’ll take whatever (they can get) … and they don’t have a vote in the process. It’s only current membership.”

“Fuck you, Texas, you don’t have a vote and you’ll take what we give you”?  Total baller move.

Welcome to the SEC, ‘Horns.


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21 responses to ““There’s nothing like SEC football.”

  1. drunkenmonken

    I never believed I would say this but that cult in college station almost makes me want to pull for Texas.

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  2. Salty Dawg

    Texas A&M has a lot of money and they are very proud of that but they don’t have Kirby. I hope they never do!

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  3. Anon

    That A&M AD is a dick——even all the way back to ole miss

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  4. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    Based on that swedes comments McG will recommend UGA play Auburn in perpétuité @Auburn due to his machismo. how dare he stand up for his school.

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  5. stoopnagle

    Hey y’all get a load of the new guy!

    Seriously, does anyone else recall this sort of animosity between conference brethren before? Shades of Bobby Dodd?


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    Yeah but the payback for that is gonna be a bitch for A&M if Texas ever gets its act together.

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  7. godawgs1701

    Man, Texas A&M is such a little brother program. It’s hilarious.

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  8. Ahhh, just wait my canine friends. The pre-season hubris of Longhorn nation is truly remarkable…and exhausting. They will act like perineal league champion favorites and tell us all about it. Best TAMU slap them hard early and often to keep them in check. And there is a lot of them.

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  9. Hobnail_Boot

    Meh. 2 programs that create more noise with their mouths than with their pads and helmets.

    They could play on the moon for all I care.


    • TEXBaller

      For now anyways, football wise, yes. But Texas & Chris Del Conte have accounted for seven (7) National championships over the past two years….have a women’s and men’s sport playing for a natty each over the next three weeks….and will likely win their 2nd straight directors cup.


  10. uga97

    Same to Oklahoma and the Sooners they ride in on.