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HOF material

In, or nah?


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The quality of quantity

Josh has a point here.

Georgia returns 44% according to Bill Connelly. This is last in SEC. He weights different aspects of a team returning production. For Defense, tackles are largely uncorrelated. TFLs are more dependent on returning players. As are passes defended. Although, Dawgs return just 44% (returned 39% from 2020), what does this actually look like in the secondary.

Well, Tennessee is returning 68%.. but that is only 100 more snaps, a much higher Yards Per Target and just 4 more Pass Break Ups. Even Bama who returns 70% and 1,000 more coverage snaps only returns 18 more PBUs.

Guess we’ll just have to take our chances this season.


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A “novel issue” goes to court

For those of you who wondered last week why Louisiana would need to pass a law that would exempt NIL deals from that state’s open records requirements, an answer may be unfolding locally.

The hot topic in collegiate sports known as NIL — for name, image and likeness — was debated Friday in the Oconee County Courthouse.

Superior Court Judge Eric Norris listened as David Hudson, representing the Athens Banner-Herald, and Edward Tolley, the attorney for the University of Georgia Athletic Association, argued about whether the Athletic Association should release documents through the open records act on UGA athletes with NIL contracts.

You can probably guess the arguments each side raises.

Tolley argued student-athletes have a right to privacy and these NIL contracts are made with an independent third party and not the university. The Athens lawyer likened it to the lottery, where a winner can choose to allow his identity to be known or kept secret.

The student athletes are allowed in the negotiations for an NIL to use a “professional representative, athletic agent or attorney,” according to state code.

Hudson agreed the Athletic Association was a private entity, but because it maintains or receives documents on behalf of a public agency, that information is subject to the open records act.

Hudson also cited previous court ruling involving a Macon Telegraph suit that maintains the Athletic Association is subject to the open records act.

Not sure I buy Tolley’s lottery analogy, but what I’m really curious about is whether the suit winds up shedding any light on how much involvement the program has with its players’ NIL deals.


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SEC stat of the day #2

SMDH ($$):

For the first time since 2011, Alabama won’t participate in a neutral-site game to begin the season. Instead, by visiting Texas, which is still a Big 12 member, it’s playing a true out-of-conference road game for the first time since traveling to Penn State that year.

I didn’t realize how addicted to Kickoff Classics Nick Saban’s been.  Good to see he’s got time for that road game shit now.


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SEC stat of the day #1

Comes via Pete Fiutak’s Mississippi State preview:

The Bulldogs led the SEC in time of possession, the passing game was fourth in the nation in total yards, it was dead last in college football in yards per completion, and the offense was dead last in college football in rushing.

It’s like the Bizarro version of the triple option, minus the cut blocking.

Seriously, this year’s MSU team is shaping up as a quintessential Mike Leach team, especially with all the returning production.  No, they won’t come close to winning the SEC West, because they’ll lose to someone they shouldn’t.  But, along the way, I expect they’ll beat somebody they shouldn’t, too.  Let’s just hope it’s not Georgia.


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