2022 Pass D

Josh does another statistical deep dive into what Georgia’s secondary will be looking at production-wise from opponents’ passing attacks.  Here’s what is coming back from the FBS teams the Dawgs face:

As Josh notes, those stats suggest “Georgia’s inexperience in the secondary will have a chance to find its legs.”  (My one little quibble is that Tennessee’s numbers probably look more formidable if you take Joe Milton out of the mix.  But, yeah, given the quality of the opposition, there’s definitely room to grow with experience.)

That all being said, he posted another chart that makes me wonder if our concerns about pass defense might be better suited to focusing on another position group.

Passes targeted:  Four players in the NFL draft — 93; Returning players — 29.  Not exactly optimal, is it?



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8 responses to “2022 Pass D

  1. Man, I’m glad we meet MS State late in the season

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    • RangerRuss

      I simply don’t feel the angst. Reviewing last year’s schedule it seems any D with a pulse shut the bizzaro dogs the fuck down. Don’t see anything changing this year.

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  2. spur21

    Kirby has continually restocked the roster with superb talent so I’m not too concerned about the defensive side of the ball. The talent is there if we have time to get them all operating as a team.

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    • Down Island Way

      Tru Dat, with the UGA football HC having plenty of DB experience, 1/2 of the UGA football DC having DB experience, will defer to the coaches, have concerns on the Special Teams side of the conversation…GO DAWGS!


  3. Clayton Joiner

    Additionally, we have no idea what the flying Ducks O is going to look like…and if anyone knows what weaknesses our D will likely have, it’s their new HC…


  4. Poole coming back was huge. He will start at corner or star and might be our best safety as well. Gonna be interesting to see what Kirby and Champ do.

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  5. ugafidelis

    How do these numbers compare to last year before picking up Kendrick and Smith?


  6. jcdawg83

    I seem to remember all sorts of angst over our defensive backfield this time last year. We had a huge exodus of dbs to the portal and everyone was certain our pass defense was going to be a glaring weakness.

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