Athlon’s 2022 preseason All-SEC teams

Their list is here.

The tl;dr summary:

Athlon has four All-SEC teams and the Bulldogs have 13 selections. Alabama has 18. Texas A&M is third, with 12. Tennessee is the only regular-season opponent with double-digit selections (10), while Kentucky, Auburn, and Mississippi State have nine each. For reference, last year the Crimson Tide had 16 players on the list with 16 Dawgs making one of the four teams. This year there are five UGA players on the first team, four on the second team, two on the third team, and two on the fourth team.

Sophomore tight end Brock Bowers and redshirt sophomore left tackle Broderick Jones made the first-team offense while the defensive first-team includes junior defensive tackle Jalen Carter, senior outside linebacker Nolan Smith, and redshirt sophomore cornerback Kelee Ringo. Senior running back Kenny McIntosh, junior center Sedrick Van Pran, and senior safety Chris Smith made the second-team offense and defense, with wide receiver Kearis Jackson being named a second-team specialist as a punt returner. Junior right tackle Warren McClendon and senior outside linebacker Robert Beal were the third-team selections, with sophomore wideout Adonai Mitchell and redshirt sophomore tight end Arik Gilbert being selected to the fourth-team offense. In all, Georgia has seven All-SEC selections on offense, five on defense, and one on special teams.

No Stetson Bennett there.  Quelle surprise.

What will be a legitimate surprise is if Gilbert finishes the season as merely the fourth best tight end in the conference.

By the way, Florida has six names total on the list, none on the first team.  The Gators sure could use a coaching genius on the sideline to offset that.



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30 responses to “Athlon’s 2022 preseason All-SEC teams

  1. 81Dog

    You mean MuLLLLLLen didn’t leave a roster of coached up talent behind??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  2. DawgStats

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  3. I would venture to say that we have the top 2 tight ends in the country

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  4. Russ

    Jalen Carter and Nolan Smith second team…yeah, okay.

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  5. debbybalcer

    Stetson likes to play with a chip on his shoulder so maybe it’s good they snubbed him.

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  6. 2 gold star stickers for the line “By the way, Florida has six names total on the list, none on the first team. The Gators sure could use a coaching genius on the sideline to offset that.”

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  7. Texas Dawg

    Jalen Carter 2nd team? Ok, where’s the punch line?

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  8. They go 4-deep on their All-Conference selections? JHC – they’re REALLY digging for that “Seeeeeee… we told you we thought that we knew that he maybe might be pretty good this year.”

    And you thought they didn’t know what a Eugoogaly was.

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  9. RangerRuss

    These pre-season lists are like the popularity contests as high school seniors. Get back to me in twenty years…

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  10. This must be mistaken, I don’t see Metchie or Williams on the first team?

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  11. argondawg

    I wish someone could explain to me why McClendon doesn’t get the love. He has been so solid at RT for two years.

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  12. uga97

    More talkin seaso. Exhibit A – the # of our Dawgs on last year’s preseason lists shorted. Hope this year they get it right.