You know it’s the offseason when…

Georgia prospects Arch Manning and Pearce Spurlin lll model some new prototype Bulldogs uniforms during their recruiting visits to Athens last weekend.

Chip Towers actually goes to the trouble of debunking the latest chatter about uniforms.

Georgia traditionalists can relax, however. While all-white “unis” were a hit with recruits, the Bulldogs specially ordered only a handful of them specifically for use during recruiting visits and have no plans to wear them this season or anytime soon.

Asked about the chances of Georgia playing a game in the all-white uniforms, a person familiar with Bulldogs’ football operations responded with an all-cap text: “ZERO.”

This isn’t a reflection on Chip so much as it is on a portion of the fan base that gets itself wired up on the possibility that this will be the year that Georgia starts going Oregon with its team gear.  Not gonna happen.



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58 responses to “You know it’s the offseason when…

  1. timphd

    Wear them or not, I do think they look sharp. I like the white helmet especially. Beats the hell out of the old Grambling black.

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  2. Red helmets, red/white jerseys, silver britches is such a classic look I can’t fathom why any serious Georgia fan would want to mess with it.

    I mean, Oregon’s a fun program to watch and everything, but it ain’t like their bazillion uni combinations have helped them win any titles.

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  3. DC Weez

    We’ve gone Oregon once with those red power ranger suits. Here’s hoping we never do Oregon again.

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  4. KingMackeral

    I actually wouldn’t mind that for a game. But by shutting this possibility down publicly now (Chip may be carrying Kirby’s message he wants to convey) there are no expectations going into the fall. Then if it DOES happen, it will be a shock and surprise when they come out of the locker room, whenever that would be.


  5. theoriginalspike

    Although I do like the red britches! Am I a bad Dawg for doing so?

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  6. aim260

    Black tops occasionally, fine with me.
    Red britches on the road occasionally, fine with me.

    Anything else, pound sand.

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  7. gotthepicture

    Great opportunity for a deal with OxyClean or Tide if they can get those things back to white after a game #NIL


  8. We won the National Championship in white jerseys…and silver britches and red helmets. Don’t mess with success.

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  9. stoopnagle

    As a big fan of Arizona’s red-white-blue stripes on white helmets look, that helmet looks sharp.

    But I am also in the don’t monkey with our look camp. I love the black jerseys once every so often and could get with red pants in the same way. Like once every four years or something like that.

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  10. Skeptic Dawg

    I once was a grumpy fan opposed to uniform change. Today I am in favor of whatever the players want, as long as it is our original colors. Stay away from the all red power ranger stuff and black helmets worn in Jax several years ago with Joe Cox. Have fun and look good doing it. I am a huge fun a of the all white.

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    • aim260

      Sir, if I had a white leather glove, I would slap you across the face with it.

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      • Skeptic Dawg

        I reject said slap, and request your appointment at high noon in the garden. As customary, I will allow you to decide the weapon of choice.

        I too was once as grumpy as you concerning uniforms. White is in our color scheme, it looks cool, and apparently the kids playing actually dig it. As we have seen time and time again, who gives a flip as to what we the paying customer like or want.

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  11. Hogbody Spradlin

    Seems like our road unis were white jerseys/pants with the red helmet for much of Vince’s tenure.

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  12. ben

    I think they look sharp, and if we wore them for a kickoff classic, that would be fine.

    But man, people get big mad about these kinds of things, and I don’t get it.

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  13. Tony BarnFart

    If we did it (i’m fine with ‘No’), Got to have the throwback whites with the “varsity” striping if we’re gonna do the white pants (which must have THIN) striping. Thin. Ray Goff looks dashing

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  14. I’m a classic look guy as well. An away game to wear white on white with the classic red helmet? The look is awesome.

    Don’t EVER mess with the helmet, period.

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  15. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    I dunno Senator, while I assumed this was the case, it is nice to see it in writing.

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  16. PTC DAWG

    Fans can be dumbasses.

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  17. Biggen

    I don’t ever want a change to our classic uniforms. Keep red at home and white on the road. Never touch the helmet.

    We don’t need the uniform gimmicks like Oregon and [insert any other school]. There is something special about seeing our uniforms and colors. They are iconic. Like Michigan, ND, Bama, Penn St., etc… Touch mess with success.

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  18. Harold Miller

    They look a hell of a lot better than that crap they wore against Boise State back in 2011.

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  19. charlottedawg

    I actually think the all whites look cool and would not mind seeing them in a game or two here and there.

    That being said in my very biased opinion I think the Georgia home red and silver britches is one of the best and most classic uniforms in college football. I feel the same about Michigans helmets with blue tops and maize pants (the all blue look in the orange bowl was almost as disappointing as the wolverines play on the field, hey ohhh!!!!), usc, and Notre dames home uniforms.

    I also liked the road whites and red pants we wore against Arkansas in 2020. I think our black uniforms are ugly and not just because of the 2008 black out, I just much prefer our red and silver over the black.

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    • charlottedawg

      Also forgot, the power rangers uniforms we wore against Boise state should be burned, and not just because we played like shit.

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  20. 93dawg

    I like them. I also like the Black jerseys (w/ red helmet & silver britches – last seen vs Cincinnati – Peach Bowl 2021), Black pants (w/ red helmet & white jersey – last seen with this combination vs Wisconsin – Outback Bowl 1998), Red pants (red helmet & white jersey – last seen vs Arkansas 2020). I don’t want them to be an every game thing, but I like the good uniform combinations once or twice a year. If it looks good, why must it be blasphemy to wear them every now and then? No one is saying to bring back the bad uniforms (i.e., the power rangers vs Boise State in 2011 or the Black helmets/Black pants vs Florida in 2009). The 3 combinations that I’ve named look good and are not stupid looking like every Oregon uniform combination. If you want to be technical, why can’t we have actual Silver britches again? We used to wear them, but all we seem to wear now are a shade of gray that doesn’t look that good.

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    • Well said, 93. The black jersey is awesome. The red or black pants with the white jersey is awesome. The white on white with a red helmet would look sharp as a pre-silver britches throwback. The red jersey should only go with the silver britches. No red on red or black on black. Never, ever mess with the red helmet with the Power G.


  21. whb209

    White hat?
    Hell NO!
    Coach Russell told us that the Red Hat was the most important thing we had ever earned in our short lives. “You don’t throw, you don’t sit on and you don’t leave your Red Hat on the ground”.
    “Many people have wanted to wear that red hat, but few actually
    Coach Russell, UGA and that Red Hat mean too much, for it to ever change.

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  22. Matthew McKinney

    Winning the title last year has completely eliminated my angst over occasional uniform variants.

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  23. Russ

    Thank you DAWG! Those helmets would look great on your local high school, not on the Bulldogs.

    We have great uniforms. Quit fucking with them, Nike.


  24. You know it’s the offseason where there are over 50 comments about uniforms on a post about uniform chatter.

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  25. ugafidelis

    I was looking at it on my phone so I actually thought this was Auburn for a minute.


  26. classiccitycanine

    I’m just looking forward to having block numbers back.


  27. classiccitycanine

    At least when we do alternate uniforms, we don’t add colors that aren’t part of our base scheme like Tennessee with their black or grey uniforms or Florida with their new black uniforms.


  28. PTC DAWG


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  29. PTC DAWG

    1962..first logo on helmet, used 3 times that year×360

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