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Who you gonna take?

Believe it or not, I actually think this fit of pique over at Roll Bama Roll might serve to kick off an interesting debate.

Last, Brad Crawford at 247sports has three college football position groups ranked ahead of Alabama’s linebackers this year.


Let’s face it — this group could’ve been ranked No. 1 nationally in this position ranking without much of an argument. That’s how elite the Crimson Tide’s set of outside linebackers are this season with two future top-10 selections leading the way in Will Anderson Jr. and Dallas Turner. The duo combined for 26 sacks and 41 tackles for losses last season. Anderson is college football’s best defensive player and Turner is a rising superstar. And if he wasn’t playing behind two pass-rush monsters on the outside, Chris Braswell would likely be receiving similar praise heading into the season. BamaOnLine reports coming out spring that Nick Saban will likely use all three on the field at the same times in spots this fall.

I don’t know what Brad is smoking, but this group is hands down the best in the sport. He didn’t even mention freshmen Jeremiah Alexander and Jihaad Campbell, both freaks themselves who flashed in the spring game.

Now, it would be silly to pretend that Alabama’s linebackers aren’t the best in the country at their particular position group, but over any position group in the country?  Well, here’s who Crawford ranks numero uno:



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Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Over at Saturday Down South, Connor O’Gara wrote something about the five SEC offenses he believes are bound to improve in 2022.  Putting aside my homer-tinted glasses, I thought there was some logic to thinking Georgia’s might be one of the five — continuity at both offensive coordinator and quarterback, insane talent at the tight end position, just to make a couple of points — but no.

Which is not to say he didn’t consider it.  Instead, though, he came up with this:

I don’t think Alabama or Georgia regress on offense. But let’s not forget that the Tide finished No. 6 in FBS while UGA came in only a few spots behind at No. 9. While I’m extremely high on the Tide’s skill-player additions via the transfer portal, I still have concerns about that offensive line. I wonder if that coupled with my belief that Alabama’s defense will be lights out prevents any significant improvement. Alabama might not need to keep its foot on the gas so late in games like last year, when it was in a 1-score game in 6 of 8 4th quarters in SEC play.

I’ll be honest. When I started this, I assumed I’d have UGA as 1 of the 5 teams. Returning Stetson Bennett matters, as does the fact that UGA should have the top tight end room in the nation. Todd Monken will create mismatches galore with Brock Bowers, Arik Gilbert, Darnell Washington and even true freshman Oscar Delp. On top of that, Kendall Milton and Kenny McIntosh have all sorts of potential to lead one of the SEC’s top backfields.

So what’s the holdup? I wonder how much last year’s group was boosted statistically by having that elite defense. In addition to the defensive scores, think about all the short fields that all-generation group created. UGA could actually become more explosive offensively and still end up finishing right around where it did last year.

If I understand that correctly, he believes Alabama’s offense won’t improve because Alabama’s defense will be so stout, it will choose to run the clock out late in games more than before, while Georgia’s offense won’t improve because Georgia’s defense won’t be as stout as it was last season.  Am I missing something here?  Does that make sense to anyone?


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Boxed in

When you think about the defensive tactics Georgia faced just three or four years ago, this is a surprise.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d think it’s slowly beginning to dawn on defensive coordinators that selling out against the run to stop Georgia’s offense isn’t an optimal strategy any more.  Not to say there still isn’t a ways to go in that regard, at least until Monken and Bennett do some more convincing.


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THIS time, they really mean it.

Boosters, consider yourselves on double secret probation.

NIL is for the enrolled.  But what exactly can the NCAA do, assuming for the sake of argument that schools step up to control NIL abuse with their own programs and take reporting of infractions seriously?

That might very well survive antitrust scrutiny, but would it be enough of a threat to discourage boosters from throwing money at recruits?  I doubt it, mainly because I doubt the NCAA will ever be able to build a case.  But we’ll see…


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This Mike Griffith piece about moving the Cocktail Party out of Jacksonville — something he’s had a raging hard-on about for a while now — is hilarious, if for no other reason than the results of his Twitter poll.

Gee, Georgia fans don’t want to play the game in the Swamp.  Who’da thunk it?

Griffith thinks this indicates that Scott Stricklin might have some work to do “in the court of public perception”.  Really.  You just can’t make this shit up.


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