Who you gonna take?

Believe it or not, I actually think this fit of pique over at Roll Bama Roll might serve to kick off an interesting debate.

Last, Brad Crawford at 247sports has three college football position groups ranked ahead of Alabama’s linebackers this year.


Let’s face it — this group could’ve been ranked No. 1 nationally in this position ranking without much of an argument. That’s how elite the Crimson Tide’s set of outside linebackers are this season with two future top-10 selections leading the way in Will Anderson Jr. and Dallas Turner. The duo combined for 26 sacks and 41 tackles for losses last season. Anderson is college football’s best defensive player and Turner is a rising superstar. And if he wasn’t playing behind two pass-rush monsters on the outside, Chris Braswell would likely be receiving similar praise heading into the season. BamaOnLine reports coming out spring that Nick Saban will likely use all three on the field at the same times in spots this fall.

I don’t know what Brad is smoking, but this group is hands down the best in the sport. He didn’t even mention freshmen Jeremiah Alexander and Jihaad Campbell, both freaks themselves who flashed in the spring game.

Now, it would be silly to pretend that Alabama’s linebackers aren’t the best in the country at their particular position group, but over any position group in the country?  Well, here’s who Crawford ranks numero uno:



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30 responses to “Who you gonna take?

  1. RangerRuss

    No slagging Bama bloggers?
    I’m out.

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  2. JoeDashDawg

    Whatever twists RBR knickers up the most is my vote. Wish Auburn punt coverage was #2.

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  3. charlottedawg

    Hey pretty cool, they could get a picture of both position groups all on the field at the same time on Bowers TD!!!’

    Brock Bowers and Darnell Washington have 3 tds against Bama’s D just by themselves including the final offensive score in the national championship. Bowers also blocked the shit out of some Bama defenders all game before all 11 guys bit on the run fake for his touchdown.

    Will Anderson and Dallas Turner created big problems for georgias offense in both games, full credit there. but I don’t think it’s being a homer to give the nod to the position group that was part of the unit that completely neutralized/ physically mauled the other in the 4th quarter of the national championship game.

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  4. MGW

    If you presume the OTHER position group is still up to Bama/Georgia standards, I would rather have two first round LB than two first round TE. They’re just a little more useful. Now, if Gilbert turns out to be more on the Kyle Pitts end of the spectrum where he could be classified as just a huge pure WR? Then yeah those three eclipse Bama’s LB’s as far as utility.

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  5. Anon

    What about UGAs QB room when Arch gets there? No 1 next year?


  6. mwodieseldawg


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  7. kevinsauer

    Which group is better?
    Georgia’s TEs
    Which group has a greater impact on a game?
    I’d give the edge to Bama’s LBs for impact. Just feels like they have more chances to impact vs a limited amount of 13 personnel

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    • Down Island Way

      UGA’s TE room can and will impact most if not all lb schemes this season, once the UGA football “OC” as a good view and feel for the opposition D, game on, then magically, game over…GO DAWGS!


  8. Not going to disagree with the peanut gallery…the TEs are going to be an offensive force…GA’s D still has some bone rattlers…I like where we’re sitting right now…and apparently so does Kirby

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  9. ugafidelis

    I think that Bama D is going to be a nightmare this year. As we saw last year, a team can have all the offense they want, but if the D is smothering you, it won’t do much good.

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    • Darin Cochran

      I’m not ready to concede that Bama’s LBs are better than ours. Maybe I’m in the minority here, but Nolan Smith has few equals and lest we forget Beal, the most underappreciated player of that legendary D led the team in sacks. If Dumas is as good as advertised, we got a pretty good argument that our LBs will be second to none. Chambliss looks like a star already, and keep an eye on my boy Mondon, from my hometown here in Dallas. He was a five star for a reason. If he can stay healthy, everyone will know his name after this season.
      Anderson is certainly worthy of the hype, and they’re definitely a talented bunch, but I’d take our group any day of the week and twice on a Saturday game day. JMHO

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  10. theotherdoug

    The LBs are on the field more and have a bigger impact, but if we run some 2 TEs sets….


  11. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    I dunno, Senator. What does Eric with a K think? 🤔

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  12. cowetadawg

    To me, that’s an apples/oranges comparison. Both have the ability to turn a game upside down. Will Anderson & Co are monsters, but our TEs will put up many many points if Monken’s doing his thing. Since we’re just having fun , UGA TEs are #1 and I’ll go all RR and say fuck Bama.

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  13. The things you can do offensively with 3+ tight ends that are as athletic as ours causes 7 days of night sweats, heart palpitations, and nausea for defensive coordinators. Want to stack the box to stop the run? Good luck with your linebackers and safeties trying to cover tight ends that can run like wide receivers. Want to counter with defensive backs? Get absolutely mauled in the run game by close to a ton of blockers at the point of attack.

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  14. siskey

    Bama’s defensive backfield being ranked where they are is amazing to me. Maybe Ricks makes them a lot better but they looked like us in 2013 last year and that is pretty shitty.

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  15. uga97

    TE – U

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  16. biggusrickus

    Alabama’s outside linebackers are great, sure, but they also have two pretty pedestrian inside linebackers that drag the unit down a bit in my eyes.

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    • Darin Cochran

      I’d take our outside LBs any day of the week over there’s. Smith and Beal are already proven, if not underrated and underappreciated. Chambliss is a beast. He looks like a freakun body builder and has phenom speed. Once the lightswitch comes on for Sherman, he’s gonna live up to his hype coming out of HS as well. If Marvin Jones is even 3/4 what his dad was, he’s gonna be a an All-American. I’ll confess that Anderson is worthy of his hype, but aside from him, they got nothing on us…JMHO.

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