Name that caption, love in the stands edition

If these two aren’t Florida’s answer to Lulu and Junior, they’ll do in the meantime.

Have at it in the comments.



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74 responses to “Name that caption, love in the stands edition

  1. spur21

    How do I unsee that?

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  2. hassan

    One Florida couple was spotted telling each other who their “celebrity free pass” is. Unsurprisingly, it was Tim Tebow for both.

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  3. “So we’re agreed, if Florida goes 6–7 again this season, we’re becoming UCF fans, right?”

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  4. ugafidelis

    “Baby, when we get home I’m going to give you the best two minutes of your life.”

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  5. hassan

    My gawd, you can practically smell that photo. Ugh…

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  6. Him: “Peanut, I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings by calling you stupid for wearing those jorts…I thought you already knew!”

    Her: “It’s time I level with you…you have tiniest dingle of all the other dudes I’ve dated from our last family reunion.”

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  7. They make Lulu and Junior look like Zendaya and Tom Holland.

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  8. thenewandimprovedtronan

    It’s like a L’il Abner cartoon but with a much more realistic looking Abner and Daisy Mae.

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  9. Cousin, will you marry me?

    It’s ok, I didn’t get into school here either.

    Thank you for making these overalls.

    Yes, that is former President Bush standing behind you.

    No sweetie, those jorts don’t make you look fat.

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  10. Dawg in Austin

    “How long do I need to keep these handcuffs on?”

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  11. Ran A

    “See Babi, told you! Is this great or wat? Just a few months ago, we were throwing mustard at Lane and now we get to wear jorts.. Do wish these jump suits matched the prison suit I have to wear for road work though, like the one’s we had in Tennessee.”

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  12. RangerRuss

    “The girl behind me? That’s a peter belly not a baby belly. She don’t mean nuffin. You my bottom bitch, baby.”

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  13. Russ

    “Baby, will you be my meth lab partner?”

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  14. Ran A

    The girl to the far left has a look on her face of “my God, what have I done”. I’ve got to get the ‘F’ out of here.

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  15. KingMackeral

    I had to look twice. I actually thought she had a huge facial tattoo of some random football coach I did not recognize….

    The weird thing is that tattoos of that size and reference are not outside the norm nowadays…

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  16. r1valry

    I thought she had a face tattoo (of Mack Brown…?) on the back of her leg, then realized it’s some dude standing below.

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  17. Derek

    Her: why is some team called “Blue” beating Florida 27-0 at home? I ain’t even never heard of ‘em.

    Him: do you have any girlfriends who call you “the smart one?”

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  18. Harold Miller

    “Baby you give new meaning to ‘Nothing sucks like orange!'”


  19. DC Weez

    If you loved me you would get me one of those bigass roses that that bitch next to me has.

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  20. ciddawg

    No sugahbush …that score doesn’t mean our offense is great…
    it just means our defense sux.

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  21. rigger92

    There’s daisy duke’s and jorts, those are jorts. I’ll admit I like me some daisy duke’s.

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  22. Got Cowdog

    Which one of ’em threatened to sleep with the recruits Dad in the earlier post?

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  23. Dawgfan1995

    That girl on the far left of the photo looks like she’s trying to rub her eyes to unsee everything in real time.

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  24. 79dawg

    Can’t believe no one’s said “Orange you glad to see me?”

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  25. timphd

    That picture is further evidence that some people do not own mirrors.

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  26. “My sweetheart, this is the perfect setting to make my announcement: I’m joining the Circ de sole. My dream of becoming a jort mime will become a reality. My task will be a unique one– I will shed gator tears. I will throw shoes. I will voicelessly act out the origins of Gator football in the 90’s. I will cozy up to a shark and spend ceaseless time on lake Oconee.”

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  27. pansythedawg

    “I know you’re my first cousin, LaRonda-Mae-Sue, but I’ve had feelings for you for a long time. You’re the Alberta to my Albert.”

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  28. uga97

    “We still have each other”


  29. Lulu and Junior ain’t a patch on Albert and Annabell there. Have you ever met anybody from Gilchrist County FL? Them people invented rednecks in about 1560. You can see some deep Deliverance shit along the Santa Fe River.

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    • RangerRuss

      RD, I used to snorkel Ginnie Springs and the Santa Fe. Grill out and drink. Ran into some Athens friends who were diving the caves once. They were happy to see me. We got the same vibe as you. And we grew up just South of where Deliverance is set. In the country. Couldn’t agree with you more.
      Saying all that, you have to give the Gilchrist goons credit for breaking away from Alachua county. Seems even they have too much class to be associated with those motherfuckers from Hogtown.

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  30. ciddawg

    Either one- “Daddy says I’m the best kisser in the family…”

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  31. Dawg19

    (Him): “Baby, you passed out from all the bottom shelf gin we had in the parking lot. Do you know where we are?”

    (Her): “Well, we’re down 27-0. I’m guessing Jacksonville.”

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  32. Texas Dawg

    They’re a little younger and aren’t quite as large as Lulu and Junior, but with a few more years, I’m sure they can grow to be some real competition

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  33. vectordawg

    The guy on the far right is like, “Damn girl, can you get your FUPA out the way?”

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  34. stoopnagle

    Why does she have a tattoo of Bill Clinton on her leg?


  35. theoriginalspike

    I love ya honey, especially when you are rockin’ the jorts.. but I hope we don’t get displayed on the GTP blog by The Senator!

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  36. Stripes (Slurred): ‘See, I told you Mullen was an offensive genius! Just look at the score, babes!’

    Jorts: ‘Baby, it’s the spring game and Mullen’s gone.’

    Stripes: ‘1980!” (falls flat on his face)