Nice tradition you got there. Shame if anything were to happen to it.

Bill King brought up something I hadn’t seen mentioned before.

Another tradition that might be altered by impending change is the Dawg Walk. Under the plans for a $63.5 million two-phase renovation of Sanford Stadium — which will widen the south side concourse, add restrooms and build a new tower for the press box, so that its former location can become lucrative box seating — the Sanford Drive bridge (officially known as the Gillis Bridge), reportedly would become a part of the stadium on game days, requiring a ticket for access.

Since that portion of Sanford Drive already is closed to vehicular traffic on game days, it’s a major pedestrian thoroughfare that would be lost to fans.

However, another possible issue with this plan is that the bridge also is where lots of fans gather to watch the players and coaches parade into the stadium during the Dawg Walk, held in the Tate Center parking lot down below. It’s even where the Redcoats’ solo trumpeter opens the Battle Hymn during Dawg Walk.

If a ticket is required to access the bridge — and you’re not allowed to exit and re-enter the stadium once your electronic ticket has been scanned — that would seem to preclude many fans (including a lot of kids) watching the Dawg Walk from the bridge.

I don’t know that necessarily means B-M is looking for a way to monetize one of the dwindling number of unique game day experiences we fans can still access.  But, if nothing else, it sure feels like another way to exercise control over the fans’ day.  It seems the spirit of Michael Adams lives on.


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21 responses to “Nice tradition you got there. Shame if anything were to happen to it.

  1. MGW



  2. jcdawg83

    I guess their attitude is; “if we’re going to screw up the game day experience, let’s make sure we ruin all of it”.


    • Down Island Way

      As a Dawg fan (in more ways than one), let’s just pray this is an oversight with correction in the near future…for me, Dawg walk has and will always be for the kids, they are the future Dawg fan, picture’s taken with the players on G-DAY is for the kids, as is the par three day at the National, it’s for the kids, big and small…#DON’TFUCKITUP!

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    • Harold Miller

      Equal opportunity disappointment. How even handed of them.

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  3. 81Dog

    Never mind the Dawg Walk, even. How tf are people just trying to get from North campus to South campus supposed to do that without crossing the bridge? Every single game I’ve ever been to has tons of foot traffic. People park on one side and have seats on the other side. This is possibly the dumbest plan ever.

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  4. That tradition is like 20 years old and wasn’t done when I was in Athens. I think I’ll be ok

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    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      This. When they closed the east end zone and took away folks watching from the tracks, all the other traditions have been meaningless to me. Or when they put up lights and started having night games. What are you gonna do?


  5. stoopnagle

    Wait in line to urinate for the children?


  6. archiecreek

    I use to go to the tracks to “socialize” prior to the games, then “welcome” the visiting team when they arrived. Then wait until you could hear the sirens announcing the arrival of the DAWGS on East Campus Road. Coach Dooley would wave at us on the tracks and Coach Erk would raise his arms in a noble salute. That was always a grand entrance by the DAWGS on Saturdays.

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    • 86bone

      Damnit man I miss those days! Didn’t someone here discuss where the old scoreboard was, like up behind Locos in a parking lot…
      I believe I would give $5k or more to have that scoreboard installed in one of my pastures so my Longhorns could stare at it!

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    • whb209

      Mr. Archiecreek, I was thinking the same thing. They took away the RR tracks. Getting dressed and riding the bus to the stadium, then the good people on the tracks would explode. Some of them had been there 2 or 3 days getting ready. Now that was a Dawg Walk.


      • 86bone

        OH, and BTW, I would set that scoreboard to UGA 10, Texas 9, just so all these Texas folks wouldn’t forget what time it was👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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  7. One step closer to Josh taking my advice on making the bridge a beer garden. Creatively, they could incorporate some type of pedestrian sky bridge.


  8. Dawglicious

    When the Senator noted the “something I hadn’t seen mentioned before”, I thought it was King’s mentioning that the Sanford Bridge is officially known as the Gillis Bridge.

    I did not know that.


  9. Holiday Inn Bagman

    The dawg walk is 2 hours before kickoff – just make the bridge part of the stadium 90 minutes before kickoff. Problem solved, next.


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