Not going anywhere

Well, duh.

Offensive tackle Olaus Alinen (Loomis Chaffee School/Windsor, Conn.) said head coach Kirby Smart stressed stability as a key factor when it came to pitching him on the Georgia program.

Alinen said that Smart reiterated he has no plans to leave UGA and that he’ll stay put for a long time.

“He made a really big emphasis on that he’s going to sign this big long contract and stay there,” Alinen said. “There’s going to be stability in that program and how they’re going to develop you and get you ready for where you want to be at. They’re going to be able to win championships.”

You may think that will pose a future problem for Jimmy Sexton, but I doubt it.  He’ll argue the contract extension/raise after this one will be all about reassuring recruits for the long term.


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9 responses to “Not going anywhere

  1. Regardless of the situation, Jimmy Sexton has a Jedi mind trick that would make Obi-Wan jealous.

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    • Harold Miller

      AD, “Jimmy there aren’t any other programs interested in our coach.” Jimmy, hand wave, “There are several programs interested in X, show me the money!” AD: “We must keep coach, here is enormous unearned raise.”

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  2. practicaldawg

    The most probable reason I could ever see Kirby leaving UGA to take a coaching job elsewhere would be some sort of adverse political shift at the university that handcuffs him (e.g. the hiring of a school president similar to Mike Adams). Other than that, I can’t imagine him and his family preferring to be at any other school. One day fatigue and health may pressure him into early retirement, but that’s hopefully far off. I think he’s wired up to do what he does and work at a higher level than his peers, especially in the business of recruiting—something that probably makes the NFL fundamentally unattractive to him as well.

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    • miltondawg

      A couple of weeks ago I was listening to satellite radio on a long drive and whatever show I was listening to on ESPNU had the host discussing Kirby and Georgia and the future with some national ESPN writer (I think it was ESPN). Both felt strongly that by 2028 or 2030 at the latest Kirby would go to the NFL and possibly earlier than that if he gets another natty or two in the next few years and has nothing left to prove in college football while living a grueling lifestyle as a college football head coach. Better lifestyle and the absence of 24/7/365 recruiting were obviously big reasons, but the changes brought about by NIL and roster management due to the portal were also big. But the thing that both of them said was the key is that these big time, successful college coaches are all wired the same. They want to do it on the biggest stage in the biggest and most popular sport in America that has only 32 of those positions. Pete Carroll, Saban, Urban, Matt Rhule, Kliff Kingsbury (and he wasn’t even successful at Texas Tech), Spurrier, Jim Harbaugh, Jimmy Johnson, Petrino, Lou Holtz, Dennis Erickson, John McKay, John Robinson, Bobby Ross, Barry Switzer, etc. Most flame out in the NFL for various reasons, but ultimately the lure to be the best among 31 other guys is too much to pass up.


  3. Another potential recruiting differentiator between UGA and Bama…some people are starting to wonder if the satanic goat is contemplating retirement…we know for certain ol Kirbs is like a timex watch.

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  4. Terry McCullers

    Have always said give Kirby what he wants and the suits stay out of the way then he’s here for life.

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  5. Texas Dawg

    I suspect Kirby’s next coaching job will be as an assistant for his yet to be born great grandchildren’s “what ever” sports team at the local rec center.

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  6. stoopnagle

    Can you think of a recruiting powerhouse, with tons of money and prestige, but kinda sorta lacks stability?

    I’ll give you a hint: everything is bigger there and they were orange.

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  7. archiecreek

    c’mon man!!


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