Everyone’s a winner, baby.

Barrett Sallee takes a look at preseason over/under win totals on SEC teams and comes up with this:

  • Alabama:  Pick: Over 11 (-140)
  • Arkansas:  Pick: Over 7 (-125)
  • Auburn:  Pick: Over 6 (-130)
  • Florida:  Pick: Over 7 (-125)
  • Georgia:  Pick: Over 11.5 (+150)
  • Kentucky:  Pick: Under 8.5 (-140)
  • LSU:  Pick: Under 7 (-130)
  • Mississippi State:  Pick: Under 6.5 (-110)
  • Missouri:  Pick: Over 5 (-105)
  • Ole Miss:  Pick: Over 7.5 (-140)
  • South Carolina:  Pick: Over 6 (-125)
  • Tennessee:  Pick Over 7.5 (-145)
  • Texas A&M:  Pick: Under 8.5 (+145)
  • Vanderbilt:  Pick: Under 2.5 (-170)

He’s really bullish on Ole Miss, picking them to win ten games.  He’s most bearish on Kentucky’s chances, seeing them losing five, including to Missouri.  I’m not sure I’m buying either of those, but most of the rest of what he’s come up with looks reasonable to me.

What do y’all think?


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26 responses to “Everyone’s a winner, baby.

  1. MGW

    The 12th man will not like 8 wins.

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    • Biggen

      If they don’t make 8 wins with their talent, then Jimbo should be fire on the spot at the last game. Also, prepare for a mass exodus of talent hitting the portal from them.

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    Are all those overs even mathematically possible?

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  3. 3rdandGrantham

    I personally don’t see Florida winning 8 games or Auburn winning 7. Auburn in particular might be in for a very rough year. And if A&M wins only 8, Jimbo’s seat will be very warm. Lastly, I’d be surprised if LSU only wins 6. Too much talent and good coaching down there.

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    • theotherdoug

      It’s more likely Florida wins 8. Hard to see only 6 unless things really implode. I know we are all hoping for that implosion…


  4. silverbritches02

    I mentioned this in another post, but Mississippi State’s entire team is like 22-23 years old. They’re going to win some games this year.

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  5. akascuba

    I don’t get his Ole Miss call nor his opinions of A&M and LSU.

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    Just perused their schedule, week sauce OOC, Carolina and UF from the East…that’s probably 6 wins right there. They are over all day.


  7. LSU seems lite, Ole Miss seems heavy…JR and Lulu are ironing the Urnge jumpers…TN seems heavy to me

    I think Mizzou will screw up and go bowling this season, all they have to do is keep their head above water

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  8. theotherdoug

    I like the over for Miss State (6.5) way more than the over on Ole Miss (7.5). Leach has a decent team to work with this year, but Kiffin has to find another elite QB.

    I also like Tennessee (7.5) over


  9. Russ

    LOL at A$M. Jimbo doing less with more.

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  10. whb209

    LSU under 7 ?
    Fla over 7 ?


    • Down Island Way

      “the new-look Bulldogs defense”, my ass, there will be nothing new look about 2022 UGA football “D”… “with a CFP berth within grasp.”…my ass, UGA football has a firm grip on the cfp horizon, there is no grasping in UGA football, grip it and rip it!…GO DAWGS!


  11. 79dawg

    A little warm for Hot Chocolate today…


  12. Sorry, but I wouldn’t bet on an undefeated regular season.

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  13. kjackson1961

    I can see UF winning 7, but no more than that. If they lose the opener to Utah, I see them winning less than 7.


  14. Down Island Way

    A ride over to Big Urnge Kuntry is one thing, traveling to the left coast is another, trip to Hawaii is a vacation not a “W” for vandy…


  15. Austen Bannan

    Kentucky is a tough team but may not have a good RB with their star under legal issues. They remain a team that could float between 6-10 wins depending on the bounce of the ball each game. A LOT of these teams are tough calls. They are close enough to split games with one another, which is why most teams are all in the 6-8 win prediction range.


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