My SOMP ballot

It’s been interesting to read the rationales you guys have employed to come up with your choices for the teams you’d expect to populate the CFP semi-finals field.

Me, I’ve looked at this as having a friendly debate with some buddies at a sports bar over a few beers.  My first instinct was to limit my vote to three — Alabama, Georgia and Ohio State — but four teams make it and the usual suspects list in that context really isn’t that long.

  • Alabama
  • Clemson
  • Georgia
  • Notre Dame
  • Ohio State
  • Oklahoma

Will my list read differently five years from now?  Quite possibly, but at present, that’s where my head is at.

By the way, if you haven’t cast a ballot yet, there’s still time.  The link to the poll is here.


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29 responses to “My SOMP ballot

  1. Since Duke didn’t make it I guess the ole ballsack didn’t participate

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  2. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I think that it is really a question of what 2-3 teams are going to be arguing over that fourth spot. And then, when those 1 or 2 don’t get in, it will be cited as a reason to expand the playoffs. In reality, that fourth team is basically a ‘bye’ for the top seed.


  3. moe pritchett

    I just think The Irish are about to see a Bob Davie type stretch

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  4. Alkaline5

    My ballot is essentially the same as yours Senator, except I debated whether to include Notre Dame & Oklahoma and ultimately left them out due to their perpetual “participant-only” status.

    Their inclusion in the CFP for any given year depends on one of the other 4 getting left out, so I kind of view them as not controlling their own destiny. Coincidentally, it would seem the coaches that got them where they are–and then moved on–agree with that assessment.

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    • rigger92

      Yeah, I did not include a PAC or B12 team, there isn’t a clear picture to me that USC/Utah or OK would win their conference more often then not. It’s debatable though and a fun exercise. Placing AL and UGA in the list is using logic that they both are good enough to get in without a conference title, that logic doesn’t really hold anywhere else in my opinion.


  5. MGW

    Anyone other than those teams would be a surprise.

    I’d say teams like LSU, USC, A&M, and a handful of others wouldn’t shock me if they made it and were competitive, but it requires a generational player or two that we haven’t heard of yet coming out of nowhere. Like a Burrow, etc.

    No teams other than what you listed should “expect” to make it.


  6. I didn’t have Notre Dame on my ballot because their margin for error is so thin. If they don’t finish unbeaten, they don’t get in.


  7. Derek

    Mirror image of mine BUT I had LSU simply because their last 3 coaches won it all and two of them are abject morons.

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  8. Nil Butron is a Pud

    Feel like I’m in good company when I match up with the distinguished Senator from the great state of Georgia.

    My thinking was that of the 4 teams, 3 will almost certainly be from this pool of 6. And the 4th one will be some random caught-lightning-in-a-bottle team who shall be sacrificed upon the altar of ESPN feel-good stories to the better team of the other 3…


  9. I do not expect to see ND in the CFP any time soon. Unless it expands beyond four teams.

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  10. bucketheridge

    Not coincidentally, those are the only teams with multiple appearances in the playoff. Success breeds success in a world where the best players get to pick who they want to play for.

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  11. Geezus

    No Oregon? Is there not much faith in Lanning?


    • My thoughts was right now.


      • Geezus

        I agree, that’s why I only have three. I do find it interesting that neither Oregon nor USC are included on many lists. The PAC-12 is an (almost) auto-bid to the playoffs if a team wins the conference and is undefeated. Seems like one of the easiest paths to me.


        • The problem in the Pac 12 is that every school finds a way to trip up at the most inopportune time. Oregon’s loss to Stanford put them behind the 8 ball and removed the benefit of their win in Columbus. The beatdown they took from Utah ended their playoff hopes. Utah was out of the playoff picture before conference play even had begun with their losses to San Diego State and in the Holy War with BYU.


          • Biggen

            That’s because the PAC12 is made up of mediocrity. All the teams are about the same with no clear better ones. This is the reason they don’t make the playoffs. They just don’t have any clear head-and-shoulder better teams.


  12. My ballot is was just Bama, Georgia, and Ohio State and it’s 100% about the talent accumulation aspect of being a playoff contender. Talent accumulation is 90% of a college head coach’s job and the greatest determinant of national title contention. The three schools I picked are the best at it.

    I debated Notre Dame / Clemson as a fourth, but I’m pretty convinced that Clemson is already on the downslide unless Dabo can show he’s capable of adapting in the current environment and who the hell knows with Notre Dame having a first time head coach. LSU was also on my short list given their last three coaches have won national titles and I’m probably going to kick myself for not including them. Despite their recruiting, I’m not convinced of A&M and Jimbo just yet (call me when they lose less than 4 games in a non-pandemic season). I reserve the right to revise this listing after this season.

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  13. Former Fan

    Why Oklahoma? New coach and some big time kids left early to go to USC. Am I missing something?

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  14. prosticutor

    I treated it as a literal semifinal, right now, so I made myself pick 4. UGA, Bama, and OSU were easy. But man, coming up with a 4th was tough. I decided on Oklahoma over Clemson based on the “right now” ability, but otherwise I might as well have been throwing darts blindfolded.


  15. Can Lanning top 8-5 in his first year? I think so, and I am high on Oregon this year to impress and be in the conversation a fair amount, including late. Don’t be surprised by a two loss regular season. Lanning is going to, presumably, bring something to the entire PAC12 they haven’t seen in a minute.


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