When optimistic assumptions collide

There I was, reading Pete Fiutak’s South Carolina preview, thinking it was a pretty good take on the ‘Cocks upcoming season.

Until I got to this:

There’s no question the team is good enough to pull off a big upset somewhere, like at home against Texas A&M or maybe against Georgia.

But can it get by an improved Florida on the road?

My brain is honestly having a hard time digesting that.


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42 responses to “When optimistic assumptions collide

  1. Dawgfan1995

    I don’t know where Pete’s loyalties in college football lie, but that sounds like a lot of wishcasting right there. The gap between Georgia and South Carolina is more like a gulf. It would take a meltdown on both sides of the football of epic proportions by Georgia for South Carolina to be in that football game into the late fourth quarter, I think.


  2. akascuba

    I want what he’s smoking.

    Not that I would use it. He’s clearly over served himself.

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  3. Gaskilldawg

    Steele decided to be the first pundit to revive the 2018 predictions. Remember “Upset special!!! It will be hot in Williams-Brice and the Cocks will play Sandstorm loudly!!!” Y’all remember?


    • Dawgfan1995

      It was hot in Williams-Brice, and Sandstorm was so loud in that emptying stadium in the third quarter that I think the students left. 😉

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      • akascuba

        Can’t stand that stadium, the crowd, oppressive heat, the volume of Sandstorm or the ride out of there. Luckily I’m never going back. I’ve left my tickets available so others can experience the Shitstorm of that pit of hell place.

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        • Dawgfan1995

          I went with my wife’s family who live there in 2018. One UGA grad and a bunch of SC folks. I was shaking my head at a PI call early in that game — mainly because it was PI and I was just thinking, “DeAndre Baker, you can’t grab like that” and got accosted from behind by a Cocks fan who thought I disagreed with the call.

          A play or two later, Baker had the Pick and Almost 6 (where he dropped the ball short of the goal line and a linebacker picked it up for the TD). The guy who accosted me earlier wouldn’t even meet my eyes. LOL

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          • Russ

            Last time I went to South Carolina I saw their fans try to board the bus full of wives/girlfriends of UGA staff wanting to fight because the bus blocked their view of the stadium in the parking lot. Pieces of shit have more class.

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          • akascuba

            I think it was the Pollock touch down strip 6 game 2002? When the former hurricane weather hit and the score board flashed evacuate now due to lighting. Lou Holtz and his cocky crew flew the coop for cover. The isles flooded with crowds leaving thousands of us stuck to ride out the downpour and lighting show. One light fixture behind us exploded sending glass flying. We won and they still suck so #FTMF.

            Did I mention I can’t stand that place.

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    • D.N. Nation

      I remember the argument that Deebo was going to have a monster kick return day on the Dawgs and then….Blankenship just kicked it through the endzone every time. Womp womp.

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  4. 3rdandGrantham

    The ’22 Gators team is supposed to be the worst team talent wise down there in quite a number of years. Thus, I’m not sure where he got the ‘improved’ part from. Add in the fact that the Swamp is mostly a half-filled, listless place most weekends these days, and they don’t have near the home field advantage either as they used to.

    Speaking of which, they are about to reduce their stadium capacity to around 78K. At its peak capacity, the swamp held in the low ’90s.

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  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    That’s how you troll South Carolina for hits and support. They’re close to Tech on the famous question: What do Georgia fans and XXXX fans have in common?
    Besides, sorry friends, we have stepped on our johnson occasionally in Cola.


  6. Castleberry

    Wait a minute. Is he saying Florida improved?


  7. originaluglydawg

    Here’s to you, Mr. Fiutak,
    Heaven holds a place for those who pray.
    We’d like to learn a little more about you for our files,
    We’d like to help you learn to help yourself.
    Look around you all you see are sympathetic eyes
    Stroll around the grounds until you feel at home.

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  8. Ran A

    Cannot stand this game. Georgia is their biggest SEC Rival and the Dawgs could take them or leave them.

    With that said, I do believe they are better than people might think. I think it’s South Carolina. Granted their O-Line and D-Line’s were not ‘all that’ last year, they return the bulk of those players (including the entire O-Line). You are always better the 2nd year in the system. And they have some talent on the D-Line with two or three starters that could have gone to Athens (remember “Boom” can recruit – especially on the D Side). They got the Wake Forest back in the portal, who’s pretty good and they have a 4Star RB, who busted his knee his freshman year, and played last year. (Georgia wanted that kid). We all know it’s the 2nd year after that you start looking and feeling like your old self.

    Do I think they upset our Dawgs. Nope. And they are at Arkansas and home against A&M – call those losses. I think they win straight up against Missouri, Vandy, Florida and UTjr. They have Georgia State and Charlotte and South Carolina State – let’s call those wins.

    That leaves Kentucky and Clemson. And you are ‘away’ for both of those games.

    Feels like 7-5. But if Kentucky slips, that could be 8-4 and potentially 2nd in the East. Everybody, and I mean everybody, thinks that UTjr. is the team that will make a move. We ain’t losing to the chickens, but some other folks might want to be wary of those Spurs.

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  9. jimludlam

    I don’t think he wrote well here, but I think he’s trying to say that Sakerlina is good enough to pull a wild upset off when everything goes right but he doesn’t know if they’re good enough to just handle the other mid-pack teams on a regular day. (And I kind of agree with that – it’s basically been how the Cocks have been for 20 years)

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  10. They have the best TE on the planet according to…well, them. But I like Beamer as a coach for them and he has Rattler. They may be the surprise of the East and get to 8 wins and 2nd place.


  11. theoriginalspike

    Cannon shots galore!

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  12. silverbritches02

    I am 10 times more worried about Mississippi State. Their entire team is like 22-23 years old.

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  13. The Truth

    If that’s the way his brain works, he needs to get back to flat earth theories and quit attempting to write about college football.


  14. theotherdoug

    Beamer has his guys buying in and playing hard, so I do see them as a dangerous team. TAMU better show up focused, but UGA is significantly ahead of USC.

    Also, the 2022 Florida team that plays USC in Gainesville will be improved compared to the 2021 team that got their asses kicked in Columbia. The complete and total lack of heart the UF team displayed in that game was wonderful to watch!


    • jcdawg83

      2021 Florida had completely given up on the season and the qb whisperer after we beat them in Jax. If nothing else, Florida will be trying to win the game this year (I think).


  15. Russ

    I’m going to laugh when Sackerlina beats Jimbo and his employees.

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  16. Nil Butron is a Pud

    Where do they teach you to talk like that? Huh? Some Panamanian sailor-wanna-hump-hump bar?

    Sell crazy someplace else. We’re all full up here…

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  17. lincolndawg

    An improved Florida? That’s news to me.


  18. unionjackgin

    I spent an eternity in hell on Sept afternoon in Columbia back in 1988. Stadium ran out of ice and anything cold to drink before halftime. Dooley last edition of Bulldogs were run out of the stadium 23-10. In a haste to leave that infernal oven, we left several of our travel companions behind in enemy territory to fend for themselves in that god awful place.

    I will never return for another football event.


  19. kjackson1961

    It’s amazing. Even after winning a Natty, the national media still loves to pick UGa as the team most likely to lose that shouldn’t.


  20. Austen Bannan

    Spencer Rattler could prove to be a big upgrade that would allow upsets to be possible. Depends on if his issues last year were permanent flaws exposed or he was just out of sync with his coach and team. Don’t think SC is as ready to roll overall as folks are trying to suggest though. They got to 7 wins against East Illinois, East Carolina, Troy, Vandy, a collapsing UF, a collapsing Auburn, and a UNC team playing a backup QB. They lost to their 3 toughest opponents 114-27.


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