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Last call for SOMP

We’re closing in on 700 ballots cast on which programs should be considered national powers, so there’s a pretty good picture already being painted, but there’s still one more day to vote and add your voice to the mix.  The link to the ballot is here.  You have until midnight tonight to make your picks.  Git ‘er done!



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Your Daily Gator doesn’t have time for this shit.

It’s preseason publication time, which means we get to hear from anonymous coaches talking crap about their SEC peers in Athlon.  Or truth, depending upon your point of view.

Which brings us to Florida.

“In terms of pure talent, the roster is probably fourth-best in the East and lower than that in the West,” another anonymous coach said. “But they didn’t have much to start with at Louisiana, either. The really unique thing about Napier is that he’s always unafraid to do the necessary, ugly football stuff that isn’t exciting, but this is a higher platform than he’s ever been on as a head coach.”

“No one thinks they’re going to suddenly right the ship and close that gap with Georgia,” a final anonymous coach said.

Sometimes, you can talk crap and tell the truth.  Can’t wait to see how long Napier’s honeymoon with the Gator faithful lasts.


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The power of perception

ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg’s top 25 Future Power Rankings has Georgia listed second (behind you know who), with this curious observation:

Georgia could soon occupy the top spot in these rankings, but the program will need to continue making strides on offense. Smart should always produce top-3 defenses, but units like last year’s, which went on to produce a record five NFL first-round draft picks, don’t come around every season. The Bulldogs ultimately will need to win more because of their offense and passing game…

“Continue making strides on offense”?  Bill Connelly’s most recent SP+ rankings have the Dawgs in a virtual tie with ‘Bama at number two in offensive SP+.  Do these people even bother to read their own publication?


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Today, in doing it for the kids

You said, “when college athletes are employees, that means they can just be fired by their coaches, ‘ya know?”

And I said, “been there, done that“.

With the 2022 football season around the corner, the Florida Gators were sitting at 90 scholarships. New head coach Billy Napier and the Gators need to be at 85 before fall camp, which is scheduled to start in August. Wednesday, Gators Online learned that three players were cut by the first-year head coach and are expected to enter the transfer portal.

Safety Mordecai McDaniel, defensive lineman Chris Thomas, and safety turned receiver Fenley Graham. Florida recently updated its roster online from the 2022 spring camp roster to a fall roster and those three players were excluded from the updated roster.

… NCAA Bylaw is named “Aid After Departure of Head Coach.” It, essentially, allows a first-year head coach to not invite an athlete back to the team the following year.

What I really love about that is a new coach gets a special rule allowing him to cut players, but players don’t get an automatic right to transfer if their old coach is fired.  Symmetry, baby!


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Kirby’s greatest hits

Sit back and enjoy the next half hour with this:


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Jesus Christ, these people.

How full of yourself do you have to be to pursue something like that?


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Musical palate cleanser, variation on a theme edition

Piggybacking on yesterday’s Beach Boys post, here’s Canada’s Barenaked Ladies with, natch, “Brian Wilson”.

As a bonus, here’s what has to be one of the more meta moments in recent pop music history — Brian Wilson performing “Brian Wilson” live.


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