The Preseason SEC football poll

The Preseason SEC football poll, which tallies the votes of the SEC’s 14 Sports Information Directors, has reached its 76th edition, and you will be shocked to learn which program tops the conference this go ’round.

(SIDs can’t vote for their own school, in case you were wondering how the math works.)

Sure, it’s hard to pick against ‘Bama, but I do appreciate this bit of honesty about the Dawgs:

Georgia, on the other hand, faces a bit of re-loading job — there’s too much talent in Athens to call it a rebuild — following the departure of a record 15 players to the NFL draft. Still, quarterback Stetson Bennett returns, as does tight end Brock Bowers, offensive tackle Broderick Jones, defensive lineman Jalen Carter and linebacker Nolan Smith, among others.

The Bulldogs have been stacking top-flight recruiting classes since Smart arrived in 2015, so there’s no shortage of emerging standouts. Running back Kenny McIntosh, wide receiver Kearis Jackson, cornerback Kelee Ringo and safety Chris Smith are among those former four- and five-star prospects who will no longer have to share playing time with departed veterans in 2022.

And here’s the way they see the East:

The West came out looking like this:

That one vote for LSU there is a bold strategy, Cotton.  Anyway, your thoughts?



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24 responses to “The Preseason SEC football poll

  1. Dawgfan1995

    Alabama’s SID was instructed not to vote for those cheatin’ lyin’ bastards in College Station or for that pesky kid in Oxford, so he had to pick someone and Auburn certainly wasn’t on the radar — thus, it’s LSU by default.

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    • originaluglydawg

      I think you nailed it.
      And of course, Georgia’s SID picked Kentucky.
      It’s odd that LSU got one first place vote but zero for second place.

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  2. originaluglydawg

    One of the most interesting, telling and well presented (illustrated) surveys I’ve seen. And being given (without having to wonder…because I would) the info that SIDS can’t vote for their own school is a plus.

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  3. theotherdoug

    Is UGA SID’s vote for Kentucky? Seems like it has to be since they couldn’t vote for UGA.

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    • That’s exactly what it was.

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      • Same reason Bama’s guy picked LSU. Nobody associated with UGA is gonna pick UF or UT

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        • godawgs1701

          I’m going to hazard a guess that you don’t personally know Claude Felton after reading this comment. If he believed that either Florida or Tennessee had the team to win the division or finish second he would have voted them there. He’s a Dawg, sure, but he is also a man of integrity. Kentucky looks like a lock to be in the top three in the division. No reason to think they can’t be 2nd, and if you can’t vote for Georgia…

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  4. So who put us in 3rd? TAMU and Kentucky could not vote for themselves in first or second which would have bumped us to third.


    • 81Dog

      sounds like TN or FL to me. Anything to be petty. Which I can understand.Looking forward to giving both more to whine about this fall.


  5. RangerRuss

    I reckon picking Bama #1 is safe and justifiable. That is is unless you been paying attention. For those who have been paying attention it’s quite obvious that Saban’s grasp has slipped as Kirby’s has grown firm. Then again I could be a homer.

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  6. Dawg in Austin

    Shocked the Fighting Mike Leaches are picked last. I’d slot them above Auburn, and maybe Ole Maid. Otherwise, I actually agree with the SIDs this year. Weird.


  7. I completely agree with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 14th on that list. Feels like those spots are a given. As for the other 10 spots you could probably just pull the names out of a hat & be as accurate as any analyst out there. Looks to me like 2022 is going to be an interesting ride.

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  8. Russ

    No votes for A$M is also hilarious.


  9. stoopnagle

    (hyperbole alert)

    17 5* freshman d-lineman isn’t going to carry a mid-tier A&M to 3rd overall and second in the east. Not yet anyway. Aggies are getting too much love too early – they’ll be up there in 2023 and/or 2024 provided they keep it together.


  10. paulwesterdawg

    That looks like Kirby voted for UK to finish first in the East since he can’t vote for himself.


    • paulwesterdawg

      I see that I’m last to the party on my observation. Ha.

      It is funny that Vandy’s SID tagged Missouri as last in the league.


  11. Austen Bannan

    I wonder what they’d predict if Bryce Young were hurt for a season. Has Bama rebuilt its roster enough to win with anyone? Last year that was a 5 loss team without Young for instance. He was/is that good individually.