“I think he’s happy with his decision.”

Jesus, what a shit show.

In the ever-evolving story of University of Miami quarterback commit Jaden Rashada, everyone seems to have their own narrative. None are lining up, however.

That’s the consensus nearly 24 hours after On3 reported Rashada left millions in potential NIL earnings on the table with his commitment to the Hurricanes, according to his lawyer Michael Caspino. The On3 Consensus four-star quarterback chose Miami over Florida and Texas A&M.

Since the news broke, multiple parties involved in the story have issued statements or walked back their comments. Jackson Zager, Rashada’s old teammate at IMG Academy, told On3 on Monday the Rashada family was “stressed out and caught off guard” by Caspino’s comments Sunday night.

Zager was serving as the family’s NIL representation in regard to endorsements. As a high school athlete in the state of California, Rashada is allowed to sign partnership agreements. Zager told On3 he flew to Miami last week to broker a deal between LifeWallet and the quarterback, but was told to “sit tight.”

At that point, he and his partner Tommy Thomsen received a cease and desist text message from Caspino regarding Rashada’s NIL recruitment. Zager told On3 that after Sunday, he and Thomsen are unsure of their standing with the family moving forward. The duo claims they represented Rashada in endorsement talks with multiple companies.

“The family told me to tell them to stop doing that,” Caspino said to On3 on Monday afternoon. “I stand by the statement he did not take the highest offer. Absolutely.”

If you caught that “old teammate at IMG Academy” and asked yourself “WTF?”, well, you’re not alone.

Zager is 19 years old and just finished his freshman year at SMU. The president and founder of JTM Sports, he holds an athlete agent license in multiple states. His partner and chief business operator at JTM, Thomsen is a 22-year-old commercial real estate agent.

If you can’t beat ’em, represent ’em.

But let’s get back to noted NIL lawyer Caspino, who’s beating a hasty retreat from his original brag story as fast as he can.

Caspino continues to claim The Gator Collective offered Rashada “a lot of money,” but a Gator Collective representative and Florida football staffer indicated to On3 the Gators never offered him a dollar. The same member of the collective told On3 that the lawyer has attempted to reach them through “multiple pathways” in the past few months. Other collectives have shared similar stories.

A Florida football staffer also indicated that Caspino reached out on multiple occasions. The lawyer refutes the story, claiming he was called by the assistant.

The staffer went on to say Caspino takes roughly 13% from each deal he strikes. Caspino reaffirmed his previous statement that he doesn’t take any money from deals, only a one to three-percent fee collectives pay for his legal work.

When asked specifically about the Miami deal, Caspino shot down any possibility of inducement or Rashada having a contract in hand before his commitment. He is also not a member of the Florida bar association.

“It’s a deal in progress, it’s a deal in process. That’s all I can say,” Caspino said. “We don’t have a deal with Miami right now. We don’t. There’s things in process. We don’t have a deal right now.”

Zager indicated to On3 that Caspino retains a “runner,” which is another term for a street agent. This is an agent who spots a talented prospect, develops a relationship with him and his family and secures him an NIL deal. Caspino acknowledged street agents are part of the NIL process in a previous interview with On3.

“I don’t even know what that is, people call me all day long,” Caspino said Monday. “I don’t do advertisements. I’ve gotten calls all day today. I’ve never heard the term ‘runner’ before.”

Uh hunh.  I’m sure a guy whose resume notes that he’s tried cases involving “wrongful death… catastrophic injury, traumatic brain injury, … etc.” would have no idea what a runner is.

Meanwhile, shots continue to be fired.

Darren Heitner and Michael Caspino have been exchanging words over email and Twitter for the better part of the last month.

The two lawyers, one based in Florida and the other in California, respectively, have developed a feud that has been the talk in many NIL circles. It was even a talking point for some at the NIL Summit. Heitner has been on the forefront of the NIL landscape, helping craft contracts and guiding collectives behind the scenes. He also helped craft the Sunshine State’s NIL legislation.

He’s also a Florida alumnus and has provided counsel to the Gator Collective.

Caspino’s comments directed towards the Gators on Sunday night was just the kicker to their ongoing argument and a clear shot at the Florida-based lawyer. Heitner told On3 on Monday night the admission from Caspino that Rashada left “millions on the table” is all the NCAA needs to investigate the lawyer.

The NCAA’s guidance on NIL clearly states boosters and donors cannot be in contact with prospective student-athletes. The organization has made it known NIL cannot be used to induce recruits. Enforcement director Jeff Duncan reminded members in a letter in June that the NCAA is “working tirelessly to develop information and investigate potential violations.”

The NCAA released updated NIL guidance in early May, stating collectives – groups of boosters and businesses – are not to be involved in the recruiting process or in the transfer portal. Collectives have pooled together funds to help bankroll teams.

“He tied the knot. He put together the present and put it on the NCAA’s doorstep,” Heitner said.

As I like to say, we’re gonna need a bigger bag of popcorn for this.

As for Mr. Reshada, if you didn’t know the old saying about lying down with dogs, start scratching now.


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27 responses to ““I think he’s happy with his decision.”

  1. RangerRuss

    All that over a fuckn four star. No wonder Florida is shaped like a flaccid penis. The whole state is a bag of dicks.

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    • David D

      I’m hoping when the dust settles, UF gets slapped with probation. Probably ain’t warranted, but FTMF.

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    • With “ No wonder Florida is shaped like a flaccid penis. The whole state is a bag of dicks.” You sir, you may have written the tagline for the 2022 Rumpel Foreskin family Christmas card. Much appreciated.

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    • Harold Miller

      That reminds me of what I saw on the back window of a truck rolling down to Jacksonville for the WLOCP in 1984. “Florida, the schlong of America”.

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      • RangerRuss

        Driving gator Bob to Sanford Stadium in 95, after selling him my ticket for $100 profit, saw a sign on a hatchback “Honk if Spurrier blows goats”.
        The cacophony was overwhelming.

        Bob said folks were selling tickets at the gate for $5.
        Xin loi my boy!


  2. Remember the Quincy

    Who knows what the truth is, but to say you’d never make a life/career decision based on monetary value is quite the lie.

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  3. Derek

    A preview of the NCAA’s investigation into Caspino:

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  4. Fellas, see what Twitter fights can lead to? Sometimes it’s best to just let the other attorney be the bigger Ahole.

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    I hope I still care when this shit show is over.

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    • RangerRuss

      After seeing Howard take one to the melon I figure Kim’s chances are slim.
      Wife hopes Kim rescues Saul/Jimmy from the Cinnabon.
      Me? I hope the bastard dies. Got no problem with criminal lawyers. Lawyer criminals deserve a special place in hell.


      • rigger92

        I think you’ll like the direction the later season’s go.

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        • RangerRuss

          Ya Riggermon, I’m up to date on Breaking Bad. Not much going on Sunday or Monday at 9pm. I watch what the wife watches.
          I saw the boys on Mythbusters make the rotating M-60 in the trunk work flawlessly.
          You know that Huell is still waiting in that motel room, right? He lost a lot of weight with vending machine room service.

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  6. otto1980

    Leave it up to Miami to have some sort of trouble for paying players after paying players was made legal.

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  7. Faltering Memory

    I am not a lawyer, certainly not an NIL lawyer, not did I stay in an HI Express last night. I feel sure the NCAA cannot dictate a dollar limit on earnings. I suggest they define a required number of public appearances for NIL or it becomes pay for play. For instance, up to X$, a player has to appear twice per semester at legitimate places of business (car dealerships, restaurants, lawyers’ offices, ect), X$ to Y$, appearances plus printed ads and/or radio ads. Y$ to Z$, double the required appearance and media ads. Then above Z$, TV appearances. I already hear some on radio.


  8. stoopnagle

    Man, no alarm bells going off around this player, are there?

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  9. archiecreek

    “Former teammate at IMG”
    “19 years old and just finished his freshman year at SMU”
    Ho Li Phuck!!
    Get the popcorn!!
    This ain’t going to end well for all connected to this shitshow!!


  10. mg4life0331

    Lawyers being lawyers. I’m shocked. Next you’ll tell me politicians are out for themselves.


  11. unionjackgin

    As one of my sports marketing instructors told me and as I have told my marketing students … “When they say it’s not about the money – it’s about the money. It’s always about the money.”


  12. Nil Butron is a Pud

    While I wish the young man the best, I’m putting the odds of him entering the transfer portal multiple times somewhere between Jacob Eason and Tate Martell.

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  13. 69Dawg

    Here is what I think is going to happen. Some enterprising lawyer is going to sue the NCAA the first chance he gets for restraint of trade. NCAA has no business determining how much money a recruit gets from a third party, period. It has no business making rules that boosters are a forbidden class as long as the booster is not breaking a state or Federal law. The NCAA will make it’s lawyers richer but in the end the Supremes will once again exercise the NCAA and it will be the end of the organization, that has proved to be totally useless.


  14. CB

    This reads like the articles about Cam Newton and Johnny Manziel and will likely have the same outcome as the Trump impeachments. The NCAA is even more toothless today and would need somebody like McGarity to be in charge of the collective so he could build the case against his own organization.


  15. uga97

    Cant wait until someone starts pulling down the Open Records requests on this.