Stetson’s gauntlet

It’s a fun, albeit misleading, stat:  In 2022, Georgia faces last season’s nos. 121 and 122 in defensive passing yardage in Georgia Tech and Tennessee, respectively.  It’s misleading because, in the case of the latter, the Vol defense is on the field more than most teams’ because of the way its offense runs.

But it did make me wonder what sort of defensive passer ratings the twelve D-1 defenses Georgia faces this year generated in ’21.  Here’s how each did, along with their national ranking:

  • Oregon:  127.01 (42)
  • South Carolina:  123.86 (30)
  • Kent State:  136.49 (74)
  • Missouri:  146.59 (105)
  • Auburn:  136.73 (76)
  • Vanderbilt:  151.29 (114)
  • Florida:  124.90 (33)
  • Tennessee:  132.55 (63)
  • Mississippi State:  137.93 (82)
  • Kentucky:  137.65 (79)
  • Georgia Tech:  173.30 (130)

Okay, so it wasn’t misleading with regard to the Jackets.  They sucked on pass defense, and judging from this…

After a mass exodus this offseason, Georgia Tech only has three returning starters on defense, one of whom is cornerback Zamari Walton. The Yellow Jackets added five secondary players from the portal in hopes of quickly retooling and help the defense make legitimate strides forward.

… are likely to do so again.

That being said, with 130 being considered the average passer rating, there’s a whole bunch of mediocrity staring Stetson Bennett in the face this season.  (Not to mention in the cases of Missouri, Vandy and Tech, some downright awfulness.)  While I would expect improvement in certain quarters — Oregon being one — Stetson isn’t going to get thrown into a situation in the opener like Daniels was last season, facing a Clemson pass defense that finished fifth nationally in defensive passer rating (110.07).


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17 responses to “Stetson’s gauntlet

  1. 81Dog

    How did Michigan and Alabama rank, and how was Stet’s performance against them compared to the other group? 🙂

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  2. jcdawg83

    Interesting. Now do Bryce Young.

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  3. HirsuteDawg

    Georgia gonna go through those teams like shit through a goose.

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  4. biggusrickus

    Michigan allowed a 118.35 rating on the season, with Bennett posting the highest passer rating against them. Alabama allowed a 132.55 against them, with Bennett posting only the fourth best rating against them, behind Calzada (taking out cupcakes, it was his best rating of the year by nearly 40 points), Hooker and Jefferson.


    • biggusrickus

      Oh crap. I thought I’d hit Reply to 81Dog. Guess not.


    • 81Dog

      I appreciate the info! Makes sense. Stet efficiently did his part v. Michigan, Alabama was a tougher D. He persevered in the 4th at crunch time. He may not be a modern Roger Staubach. He may not be starting by mid season. But he held up his end last year, even when the media and a good chunk of his own fan base doubted him. For thst alone, he deserves respect


  5. Dawg in Austin

    We’re going to score over 40 points per game this year. Records going down on offense.

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  6. Looks like Kent State will be a nail biter


  7. Harold Miller

    Well Tech has no direction to go but up.


  8. moe pritchett

    Just yesterday you had a piece about Monken being 16th in Play action pass selection.
    Now adding this in today and I’m feeling a tingle and a 3500+ yard passing year.


  9. practicaldawg

    Most of GT’s roster ran away from the team faster than Bowers


  10. Here it comes…”Stetson ain’t played nobody Pawwwwlllll”


  11. uga97

    Not to forget UAB who finished ahead of 8 of those teams at 63rd with and honorable mention 1 hair ahead of a Metchie & Williams led Bama pass D.