TFW you’ve made your bed…

I suspect this is the closest Greg Sankey gets to saying “FTMF”.

There wasn’t much surprise in the tone of SEC commissioner Greg Sankey’s voice when reached on Thursday night. When asked about the future of the playoff, he said: “Who knows? I’m not the one that voted against it.”


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  1. Greg Sankey will flex on this as much as possible. He led the group to make this proposal with the mindset of using the 12-team playoff to stabilize the sport. While not an expansion proponent myself, the proposal was absolutely right on. It gave all Power 5 leagues practically a guaranteed spot while allowing the Group of 5 to get their top champion a spot. It allowed conference championships to mean something for the top 4 with the guaranteed bye. It allowed Notre Dame to support it by allowing them to play themselves in as an independent while forcing them to take the long road to get there. All of this allowed him to create enough at large spots to give his teams opportunities for multiple spots. He even respected the role bowls have played in the growth of the game with the NY6 balanced with 1st round on campus games. Greg isn’t a dummy.

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  2. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    did he say that whilst gripping a SEC visor as he throat throttled those comments with a forceful fist pump

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  3. Personally, I wasn’t a big fan of playoff expansion, but Greg was right and the idiots in the Pac12 and ACC voted against their conferences’ best interests. And honestly, the presidents of those schools in those conferences and even in the big12 should skewer their ahole commissioners. Sankey was advocating to the betterment of the SEC, and those other commissioners may have secured some relevance for their conferences by expansion of the cfp. Now, now we’re in full on corporate raider style mode. This is acquisition gone wild to appease ESPN and FOx Sports…tradition and locality are gone…now it’s all about viewerships. Greed and stupidity will undo what used to be so sacrosanct on Saturday afternoons. What will suck most is for the young folks that come after us by is that they will never know how special college football “used” to be.

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    • Because was supposed to be in that last run on sentence, not “by is that”


    • I’m guessing the alliance commissioners were voting as their presidents told them to vote. The ACC knew the expanded playoff proposal would end any dream of convincing ND to join as a full member to reopen their media rights. The Pac 12 voted against it in the name of protecting their involvement in the Rose Bowl (really dumb). The B1G voted against saying they wanted all Power 5 champions guaranteed spots (but really, it was to pitch a fit about Texas & Oklahoma). Bunch of idiots.

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    • akascuba

      I’m no fan of playoff expansion when the motivation is a giant cash grab. College football has always been different than pro sports.

      The SEC supported model offered more opportunities to schools currently less deserving. It was a win for most schools that if passed may have put on hold the current conference alignments. So of course the Alliance was formed to stop anything supported by the SEC. It didn’t take long for the Alliance to begin to consume itself. The holiest of all Alliance members tOSU says all is well.

      It was a really big deal who called who first when Texas and OU abandoned their sinking ship. Blame was shoved all over Sankey and the SEC. It doesn’t seem as important now if it was the B10 that went conference raiding or did the City of Angels duo court the B10?

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  4. Ran A

    Gotta love Sankey. He’s been playing 3 dimensional chess, while these clowns have been playing checkers. h’s way down the road on what is next – you can count on that.

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  5. whb209

    Any time you put ND and/or the Rose Bowl ahead of all the other teams in college football
    you have made a dumb decision.

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  6. 69Dawg

    Let me count the ways the PAC 12, Big 12 and the ACC screwed the pooch on this one. Pac 12 was so busy saving the good old Rose Bowl they let the premier team get away, carrying with them the other half of Los Angles. Now they are having to beg Oregon and Washington to stay. The Big 12 has just added mid-major teams to their conference, had they waited they too could raid the Pac 12. The ACC is so painted into a corner, with their Grant of Rights until 2036, they would have to dissolve the Conference to get out of them.
    Good ole ND is now on the horns of a dilemma. The B1G has always looked down on the Domers and the Domers think they can go it alone. Who thinks the SEC and the B1g are going to carry ND’s water as far as the playoffs are concerned.
    All and all I’d say that Greg S is dueling with unarmed men. I said yesterday that if the SEC can keep it’s foot print while expanding he will have pulled a much bigger trick than the B1G. The logistics of both coasts is going to hurt the quality of the games. Jet lag is real. So what does Greg do? The best fits are in the ACC but will they hang tough until 2036? Stay tuned and have lots of popcorn handy.