Forget it, man. Season’s over.

Over at RBR, Erik Evans is here to tell you what’s in store for Georgia in 2022.

  • Georgia will go 12-0.

Fiction — You don’t lose 28 players to the draft, graduation, and the Portal and get better — including 8 off the defense, Jermaine Burton, James Cook, half of an offensive line, 6 out of 7 on the defensive front, and the defensive coordinator. Oh, sure, there are weapons at TE and WR, and UGA is always going to have running backs, but the margin of error is significantly slimmer this season. I think turning over a full third of the roster is going to matter at some point. And while Florida, Sakerlina are still a year away from putting it all together, there are enough traps on this schedule and enough question marks for it to ding the ‘Dawgs at least one somewhere, maybe twice.

The funniest thing to watch this year will be the folly Honky McFailson suddenly thinking he’s Aaron Rodgers and trying to play outside of himself and the offense. Those 50-50 eephuses he threw up against Alabama’s inexperienced reserve corners won’t fly against teams that have some starting experience back there.

Boy, losing a natty to a walk on quarterback is really eating at some people, ain’t it?


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  1. valdawgsta

    The writing at Roll Bama Roll has some extremely strong “grew up in Cobb County, applied to UGA but went to Alabama because they ‘don’t test well'” energy

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  2. Here’s my advice to Eric with a K and a smoke shop:

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  3. Opelikadawg

    Your boys got their asses whipped, Erik. Get over it.

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  4. gastr1

    Bless you for reading that drivel so we don’t have to, Senator.

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  5. artistformerlyknownasbman

    Oh, sure, there are weapons at TE and WR, and UGA is always going to have running backs, but apart from that, what have the Romans ever done for us.

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  6. muttleyagain

    What are our 28 draftees compared to their loss of Mookie and Wilson?

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  7. legatedawg

    Onset of the talking season already starts to yield a harvest of stupid, eriquious things from the sourest voice of the sourest fanbase in all of college football. Their next loss to the Dawgs at the end of this season is going to raise him to the Nth degree of pucker power.

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  8. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Honky McFailson? If that doesn’t say irrationally bitter I don’t know what does.

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  9. RangerRuss

    “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies.”
    Yeah Erik(sp inc), you can hope the Dawgs have the flu again in the SECC or that the Dawgs aren’t better conditioned than Bama and the eight dwarves come September 3. You can hope that the superior performance of the Dawgs at the Combine was a one-off deal.
    Or you could face reality. UGA is the best program in college football. 2021 was just the beginning. Get used to it.

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  10. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    So not only is Eric with a K the biggest d-bag Gump around, he stole my “Sakerlina” thing! I invented that! How dare he!

    The idea that there are two losses on our 2022 schedule is laughable. Hope someone sends this to Freezing Cold Takes.

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  11. PTC DAWG

    Bama is damn lucky they didn’t have 4 losses last year…that never crosses that clowns feeble mind.

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  12. stoopnagle

    I can see us losing one. Going undefeated is hard.

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    • bcdawg97

      On paper we outtalent anyone in the regular season, but agreed – it’s college football so an “upset” along the way shouldn’t come as a total surprise, just not for the reasons Erik proposes.

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    • I’m having trouble seeing where that one happens.

      Oregon? Yes, it’s a “neutral” site, but I doubt the Ducks bring enough fans to make it seem neutral.

      South Carolina? Spencer Rattler would need to have a Heisman type of performance, and he doesn’t play defense.

      Auburn? The Greater Opelika Cow College hasn’t won in Athens since 2005, and many of those have been blowouts even when the teams were evenly matched.

      Florida? The Jacksonville Jinx is over. The gap has only gotten wider. Kirby still hates them like the rest of us do.

      Tennessee? They may score some points this year in Athens, but I don’t see them slowing us down at all. Given this could be a de facto East championship game, the home crowd will be full throat.

      Mississippi State? Could the Pirate find lightning in a bottle with the cowbells? Sure. The talent differential is real.

      Kentucky? The talent gap again. Could it be competitive? Sure if we cough it up 3+ times and allow the Cats to dictate game tempo.

      If we play to the talent level we have, this team should roll into Atlanta 12-0.

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      • RangerRuss

        It would truly be an upset. 4 or 5 turnovers. Whoever the Dawgs play the next game will think it was a bad day to stop sniffing glue.

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      • biggusrickus

        Mississippi State is the obvious pick for an upset, but who knows? They could go undefeated or play a particularly bad game against one of the decent teams on the schedule and lose.

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        • I think our perception of Mississippi State is tinted by the 2020 game. Once Kirby and Lanning stayed in zone and took away the dump-off, we absolutely shut them down. We’ll see.

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          • stoopnagle

            Go look at their team. They’ve a lot of 5-6 year guys. At their place, classic trap game in the schedule.

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            • Trap game? Yes. At the point in the schedule, this defense should be rocking and rolling. If it were earlier, I would be much more worried. They play at Alabama, have a bye, and host Auburn before they play us. They could have 4 losses by the time they play us when you look at the schedule.


          • biggusrickus

            They return a ton of people and have a solid QB. That is usually when Leech has his good seasons. They won’t contend for the West, but they could finish second at 6-2 in conference or something.

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      • We’ve beaten ourselves before, so UT and USCe are always suspects, but not both. With the East locked up, Kirby may throw a game late in the season to get them focused for the SECCG. (Oh yes…yes he does this.)

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      • bcdawg97

        I don’t think anyone would argue that on paper, there isn’t a loss on UGAs schedule. But shit happens sometimes and you end up with a game like 2020 South Carolina. There is simply no way to predict those, but it shouldn’t be completely shocking that random loses occur in college football from time to time.

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        • I agree with all of that. My point is that we should be 12-0 entering the SECCG. We are going to have to help whoever may beat us in the regular season, or there’s a team seriously underrated.


          • moe pritchett

            Damn. After reading all of these Munsonesque replies, I may start on the brown liquor Sept 1 and stay 7-8 shots in 24/7 until December.


          • bcdawg97

            And I agree with all of that. I don’t buy Erik’s rationale for roster turnover being the key argument – we rotated a lot of bodies on D so there is more experience than nonDawgs know to look for and the O will be beautiful to watch. I’m just saying there are sometimes forces beyond our control that we have no way accounting for until it happens, especially in college football. But so that I don’t get labeled a Munson anymore… if I had to bet money on it, I would take the Dawgs to go 12-0.


        • Gaskilldawg

          2019 South Carolina. We beat them at Williams-Brice in a 2020 night game.


  13. NotMyCrossToBear

    That douchebag even spells his name like a douchebag.

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  14. jcdawg83

    Predicting a college team will not go undefeated in the regular season doesn’t exactly take a Nostradamus level gift of prescience. A major failure of the internet has been its enabling of anyone with an opinion to publish said opinion for the public to read.

    Erik (were his parents Vikings?) makes a thinly veiled attempt at showing some sort of objectivity by saying Anderson won’t win the Heisman. Wow, saying a defensive lineman won’t win an award that is pretty well exclusively given to offensive players, what a bold and brave stance.

    Taking the shot at Bennett shows how much that butthurt is still stinging among the Bama faithful. Erik decided to gloss over the fact that his own Heisman winning qb choked like a cat hacking up a fur ball in the national championship game. 2 interceptions, one for the game clinching pick six, against 1 touchdown where his team was gifted the ball on the opponents 15 yard line doesn’t make for a lot to defend for old Erik. I think a sophomore slump for Young is more likely than Bennett losing games for Georgia from trying to do too much.

    Looking at both team’s schedules, I think an even less bold prediction is that Alabama will not go 12-0 in the regular season. To hear the Bama fans talk, the loss of Metchie and Williams alone has to be worth at least a couple of losses.

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  15. godawgs1701

    Honky McFailson is an interesting nickname for the quarterback that just gave you the second-worst beating in Nick Saban’s fifteen years at your school, but sure. Go for it, bud.

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  16. 69Dawg

    I only hope I live long enough to see Nick retire. There might be mass suicides in Alabama. The one thing they need to remember is replacing a legend is real hard. Unless they luck up like the Gators did with Urban, they are not going to be happy for a long time.

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    • godawgs1701

      Despite what the Florida media guide and fan base will tell you, there was a coach between Spurrier and Urban, too. lol… I’d love to see a Ron Zook-level replacement at Alabama and see just how well the fan base would take that.

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  17. ugafidelis

    So he’s saying that our walk-on is better than their two deep? Because that’s how I read it.

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  18. biggity ben

    Facts are tough for some people.

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  19. uga97

    He didn’t/couldnt say we wont will go 12-1 though.. season restored


  20. I got banned from that site years ago or else I would go troll that ass hat EriK over his paltry prognosticating.


  21. Legit question, if Alabama loses after inserting Tua and then Hurts in the first two KS/NS matchups, would they have chalked it up to shitty recruiting on their end, or would there have been a litany of “we were solid everywhere except for quarterback, y’all got lucky”? I can’t believe a fan base that prides itself on the visible “reload not rebuild” narrative after two games that went their way with backup QBs against UGA can’t see the same advantage to all their positions and the injuries to Metchie and Williams shouldn’t have amounted to much. Let alone let’s go down the list of injuries that occurred on both sides of the ball, particularly Georgias defense losing arguable the best backer on the team to legal troubles and likewise playing musical chairs in the secondary due to injuries all season long. We had a preferred walk on playing in our secondary for Gods sake and had no viable options behind him if he was hurt.

    I guess, in short, fuck those motherfuckers. Roster management and injury are realities that solid programs can work around when they happen.

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  22. So just that I understand correctly, in his final point he looks at Georgia’s schedule and thinks that some of those teams will do a better job shutting down Stetson than Bama did? That’s an interesting point to make as a Bama homer…

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  23. cowetadawg

    As if the other clues weren’t enough to reveal the . . . let’s just say lack of objectivity in his piece, his assertion that both Florida and Sakalaki are just “one year away from putting it all together” makes his bias as obvious as nice teeth on a Tennessee fan.

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    • William Ferguson

      I love the Dawgs, dont care who Kirby plays at any position, and dont hate. But lets not sound like the Gumps. Stetson threw for 220 yards, and tossed an underthrown bomb that AD made a great play. He did not kick the Gumps arse.


    • archiecreek

      obvious as nice teeth on a Tennessee fan…
      that’s DAMN funny right there!!
      I don’t care who you are!!


  24. According to Erik, the absences of Metchie and Williams doomed Bama to defeat against a mediocre Georgia team. So given that Metchie and Williams will not be on the Tide roster at all in 2022, how the hell does he think Bama will go 12–0? By his own logic, they’ll be lucky to win a single game.


  25. psyopdawg

    rent free real-estate all over Gainesville and now Tuscaloosa. Love it. FTMF


  26. theotherdoug

    From Erik’s bio:
    “I own a retail Kratom store in Memphis, and have a side hustle using all that math from my PhD to run a college football handicapping service”

    I wouldn’t put any weight on what this moron says.


  27. MGW

    If Bennett does get hot early in the season, he will definitely shoot to the top of Heisman watchlists. The “story” would be too much for journalists to handle.

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  28. Tommy Perkins

    Circa 2005, I got excited about sports blogs because all college football content up until that point — either via ESPN or on message boards — was tribal drivel. Which was weird to me, because unlike with pro sports, it seems reasonable to assume that many or most college football fans went to college. And yet MLB and NFL fans were treated to all of the statistical and Xs and Os insights, and we got … Corso and Finebaum.

    Sites like EDSBS, GTP, Dawg Sports, etc., proved that there was a CFB audience who weren’t poo-flinging idiots. Editorially, it seemed generally accepted that, yeah, it’s fair game to be a homer about your team’s traditions and to stereotype your rivals, but you have to make a good-faith effort at some objectivity when it comes to evaluating the rosters and coaching of your team and its opponents. I’ve got a lot of college football blogs (e.g., Rocky Top Talk, Alligator Army, College & Magnolia, Rock M Nation, And The Valley Shook, Burnt Orange Nation, etc.) saved on my RSS reader, and, by and large, they stick to those editorial parameters.

    And then there’s Erik, who writes like a 13-year-old commenting on, or someone who still thinks it’s 2004 and has no idea what the difference is between a blog community and a message board circle jerk. I recently had to remove RBR from my blogroll, because it was clear that the other authors there have basically given Erik full rein.

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  29. 81Dog

    SHORTER RBR: everyone else sucks, Will Anderson will be cheated out of the Heisman, and Bama easily goes 12-0 en route to the NC.

    How they gonna be able to do that without Metchie and Williams, PAWWWWWWL?

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  30. Odontodawg

    “Those 50-50 eephuses he threw up against Alabama’s inexperienced reserve corners won’t fly against teams that have some starting experience back there.”

    So, he’s saying there are better secondaries out there than Bama’s? Moment of clarity or idiotic slip?

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  31. munsoning

    Enjoy peddling “unsafe and ineffective” snake oil in Memphis, Double E.* I guess lawyering just wasn’t enough of an intellectual challenge for you. How smart can a guy be who took out student loans to get Bama degrees, though?