Help us, Obi-Wan Nike. You’re our only hope.

Can somebody explain the logic of this to me?

Exactly why does Knight care about being the Pac-12’s savior?  I mean, I get that he bleeds Oregon green, but doesn’t that imply he’s looking for a way to get the Ducks to the Big Ten, even if he has to come out of his considerable pockets to make it worth everyone’s while?  But why would he see it as his special responsibility to pull the conference out of a ditch that’s largely due to its own making?  Is there something special about adding “he saved the Pac-12” to his legacy?  I’m sure not seeing it.


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    A speculative stretch, but maybe there’s a connection between keeping the PAC-12 going and shoe sales.

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  2. 81Dog

    He might as well hope Jeff Bezos or Steve Ballmer or Bill gates or some other billionaire with a connection to the NW jumps in. Wake up, dude. Nobody is coming to save them.

    Any ESPN pundit clutching their pearls about this is hilarious. It’s a classic corporate raider appriach: buy it, break off the profitable parts, and dump the rest. Except the raider dismantling the company for parts is…. ESPN.

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  3. akascuba

    “A source munitioned “. Could it be ( insert rumor of choice) or just I need you to click on my stuff ?

    Sounds like a tip about a high school recruiting decision.


  4. Nature abhors a vacuum. If…that’s IF… Phil wants another seat at the table to eventually takeover CFB as Czar, then maybe you buy the Pac12 remnants on the cheap. Then he’s on both sides of the content/advertiser equation. I still hold by my prediction that a billionaire is going to be in charge of a new CFB structure by 2028, but my bet is on Cuban or Bezos. Then again, the Saudis love sports properties.


  5. NotMyCrossToBear

    Because he’s likely a narcissist?

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    I’m not a mega conference fan, maybe he isn’t either. I get it.


  7. godawgs1701

    All the actual reporting on Phil Knight is that he wants Oregon in the Big Ten or the SEC. I’m not really sure that the SEC is even a viable option, so I’d say he wants them in the Big Ten.

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    • miltondawg

      I haven’t seen the reporting that you reference, but it makes sense. My first thought last week when I heard that Oregon and Washington had also reached out to the B1G was that Phil Knight, upon hearing the news of USC and UCLA’s jump, immediately was on the phone to people at Oregon about getting out of a conference drying up, withering and dying like my wife’s Boston ferns in the Georgia sun in August.

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  8. rigger92

    I can’t get over how dumb this whole thing is. If the UCLA program is in such dire economic condition it’s not like there isn’t money out there on the left coast. They’ve got generational wealth out the wazoo all around them, same for USC. They turn to the B1G? Send the PAC into a tailspin? How would I feel if I were an alum about this move? Seems to me they should be getting a lot of blowback from the locals, maybe they are, I dunno. They’re on an island now surrounded by pissed off PAC schools.


    • 69Dawg

      The PAC 12 problem was brought to a head with the relocation of the 2 NFL franchises to LA. The left coast loves pro sports but only the alums support the colleges. Sure when USC was having it’s way with everybody the Celebes’ loved them but now our own Dawg Matt Stafford has become the star in LA. and USC knows it. UCLA is a total train wreak, they have crappy facilities and have to rent their venues. TV money is all that will save them. Washington/Washington State has the same problem with the Seahawks. Oregon an Oregon State are not in competition with the NFL as much. SEC could give a big rats butt for the left coast as members, they won’t bring as many eyeballs as the B1G and ESPN think. The PAC 12 leftovers will end up in the Big 12 and there will be 3 super leagues and the 2 Dwarves ACC and PAC 12. The only program in the catbird seat is the Golden Domers. If they go to the B1G then ESPN will blow up the ACC media agreement and the sucking sound you hear will be the top teams leaving for the B1G or SEC.


  9. uga97

    Jedi Knight


  10. Clayton Joiner

    My guess is that he sees his school/team as the top dog in the conference and the easiest path to the CFP…I don’t see any other tactical advantage