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If not, please don’t slander the young men.

There is something creepy about Hugh Freeze.

Aside from the stalking-like response itself, referring to the guy who oversaw the crap that went down at Baylor without doing anything to address it as “the most Jesus like leader I have” is… well, yeah, creepy.


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Consistency, hobgoblins, etc.

Get you somebody who cares as much about you as the posters at Roll Bama Roll care about downplaying Georgia’s 2022 chances.

  • Georgia will go 12-0.

Definitely Fiction. You don’t lose that many players from a great team and come back even better than the year before. We’ve seen many Saban teams lose their hunger the year after winning a national championship, and considering this was the first one for the Dwags since the Mayflower arrived, they’ll have a whole lot of mental hangover to overcome.

Plus the East just seems like it could be generally more dangerous this year. A Napier-led Florida could very well be dangerous in year 1, Tennessee might actually have a little something going for them (*gags*), and Kentucky just might have the second best QB in the conference (what a world we live in). And don’t forget they open the season with a showdown against the Oregon Ducks. 10-2 or even 9-3 seems more likely to me.

They had me at “A Napier-led Florida could very well be dangerous in year 1”.  “Dwags” adds a nice Stingtalk-ish touch, too.


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A fun time will be had by all.

From start…

A rush of players to the transfer portal following a disheartening end to the 2021 season and a significant shakeup of the coaching staff have left Geoff Collins in a difficult position.

Despite the acknowledgment that there would be rough waters as Georgia Tech transitioned away from the Paul Johnson era and his triple-option system, Collins enters his fourth year with an unhappy fan base and real pressure to show progress on the field.

It would be one thing if there were discernible momentum undergirding those results and clear evidence of a breakthrough in the near future. Instead, the Yellow Jackets have almost as many personnel questions now as they did when Collins got the job and are banking on new assistants to make an immediate impact through development and scheme tweaks.

… to finish…

Collins, who came into Atlanta as a relentless marketer with a constant social media presence, has taken a lower profile this offseason. He knows that talking is useless: It’s time to win. But that won’t be easy, given the inexperienced roster and a brutal schedule that opens with Clemson and includes nonconference games again Ole Miss, UCF and Georgia. Even if there is some improvement, it may be difficult to break out of the Jackets’ run of three-win seasons.

Given the amount of turnover among players and coaches, this season will either be a new beginning for Collins or the beginning of the end. With so many questions surrounding the roster, it’s fair to be skeptical.

this is a pretty brutal takedown of Coach 404’s Year 4.


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“… but perception-wise, the Pac-12 is going to be perceived as a higher-level Mountain West.”

Yeah, I imagine this is leading to more than a few awkward moments on the recruiting trail ($$).

… And in the week since, we’ve learned that the remaining Pac-12 schools are exploring a variety of options to ensure their futures.

The truth is wherever the 10 remaining schools land, they’ll only be as good as the talent they acquire. And in a post-USC/UCLA recruiting world, the conference is left with more questions than answers at the moment.

“Recruiting right now is tough,” another Pac-12 recruiting staffer said.  “Everyone wants to know the future of the conference and what are we looking like right now, so it’s really tough to answer. … It puts some questions in recruits’ heads, for sure.”

When all you’ve got left to sell is “you’re going to be closer to home, you don’t have to travel all those hours”, you ain’t got much, fellas.

“I think the really good recruiters will definitely be able to use that to their advantage,” a Pac-12 assistant coach said.

Hell, the mediocre recruiters won’t do too badly with it, either.


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Declaration of independence

Notre Dame is in no hurry to join a conference, as much as ESPN/Fox would prefer otherwise.  Just ask their athletic director ($$):

Swarbrick has been consistent in his reasoning for what might prompt Notre Dame to consider joining a conference.

“The three things that would make continuing as an independent unsustainable would be the loss of a committed broadcast partner, the loss of a fair route into the postseason, or such an adverse financial consequence that you had to reconsider,” said Swarbrick, a Notre Dame graduate who is entering his 15th season leading Irish athletics.

They’re not hurting for money, they’ve got a national broadcasting contract and they aren’t blocked from the CFP.  When they tell us there’s no urgency to affiliate with a conference, maybe we should take them at their word.


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