Today, in no hard feelings

Together, again.

“2 goats, 1 duck, no beef.”

Cool.  Now do Nick and Jimbo.

Sometimes, it feels like college football is morphing into pro wrestling.


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11 responses to “Today, in no hard feelings

  1. Joel Davis

    When they don’t say it’s about the $; its about the $.

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  2. stoopnagle

    Just rich people fleecing the rubes. The story of 21st Century America.

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  3. godawgs1701

    I guess Deion figures now that his son is literally on social media selling “J$U” shirts, his argument about the school not having any NIL money to offer prospects seems a little silly. Possibly a lot silly.

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    • Gaskilldawg

      Actually. Dieon is right. JDU doesnt have money to pay for NIL use. Georgia doesn’t pay for NIL use, either. What Dieon doesn’t say is that JSU has boosters who have the money to pay for use of NIL.


  4. moe pritchett

    Damn senator. That’s just funny

    “Sometimes, it feels like college football is morphing into pro wrestling.”

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  5. The funniest thing about this, for me, is that most of the AFLAC commercials featuring these two are CLEARLY made without the two men being in the same place at the same time.

    They’re filmed separately and then combined through computer “magic”.

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  6. whb209

    How much do you think they each got paid?


    • Down Island Way

      Prime got his blue blazer and some Aflac bling, satan just got him another check to deposit…#JUSTDAMN!