Greg, it’s your problem now.

I only hope once the media gets done thoroughly chewing over expansion at SEC Media Days it can turn to the next burning question the conference will soon face.

Big 12 director of officials Greg Burks pleaded directly with Oklahomans on Thursday with the final comments of his annual presentation on rules changes when he was finally asked the question he’d been anticipating all morning.

Is the Horns Down issue a dead issue?” asked Kirk Bohls of the Austin American-Statesman in the final question to Burks during his discussion on college football rule changes at Big 12 Media Days at AT&T Stadium.

“I knew that question was coming sooner or later,” Burks cracked. “Let me be very clear with Horns Down. I have no ownership of this symbol or this symbol (gesturing Horns Up and Horns Down). It’s the same as all other symbols. It’s when you do it, who you do it to and in which manner you do it.

“Please, the state of Oklahoma, I meant no offense. You don’t have to send me emails. We are just looking at that as any other act, and you note that unsportsmanlike conduct is in there. It’s not about Horns up or Horns down. It’s the manner that you do anything on the field to an opponent that is an unsportsmanlike penalty.”

Who will be the first SEC school to be hit with a penalty for a Horns Down gesture, and why will it be Ole Miss?


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  1. Ran A


    You move into the conference “where it just means more” (at least for now); you can expect to be met with those upside down horns by every team in every sport by every team and their fanbase.

    If you are that butt-hurt about it; you might want to rethink that move over, because it’s coming…

    And it ain’t going away – ever…

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  2. gotthepicture

    The question I want to see asked at SEC Media Days is for either Bryce Young or Will Anderson Jr.
    “A lot of fans and pundits have said the reason that Georgia won the championship game last January was because Metchie and Williams were injured. Do you think if Alabama’s receivers coach and offensive coordinator would have done a better job preparing the other receivers, the outcome would have been different?”

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    • Ran A

      They keep bringing in WR’S through the portal, even after signing one top notch group after another. Tells me that they struggle developing receivers.

      Will also point out that the secondary had a couple of key injuries and their back ups got KILLED in the Natty.

      At some point, it is fair to begin to challenge Bama’s ability to develop in house, the way they use to be able to develop at certain position groups. One to watch – their O-Line. Had two very high first round picks in the last couple of years, but it drops off after that.

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    • archiecreek

      …or the defensive coaching staff preparing the defensive backs (Saban)??


  3. moe pritchett

    Tuck Fexas. They’re already coming in with an attitude. I hope that’s the first thing they see.

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  4. mwodieseldawg

    I’d like to see Ole Miss redesign their helmets to make the “M” in Miss look like the horns down symbol.

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  5. Texas has not played in a hostile environment in years. Wait until they go to Missy St. (cowbell confusion), Death Valley, the Swamp, the other UT, toothlessloosca, Little Rock, Between the Hedges and of course the return to College Station. Hell, they might get scared by the Admiral blowing!

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  6. Given how players have gotten penalized in the past for the Gator Chomp (even though the GPOOE did it after every 2 yard run for a 1st down), the SEC officials will be more than happy to penalize every non-Alabama team for anything that looks like a Horns Down. #BamaPrivilegeIsRealAndIt’sSpectacular

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  7. 79dawg

    Pretty sure it will be called on our star WR after making the (apparent) game-winning touchdown catch and then making some extremely ambiguous movement with his hands, thereby leading to the penalty, short kick, and they come down the field and win the game. Bitter? Cynical? Who me???

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    • KornDawg

      Stupidest penalty I’ve ever seen called in person. But I’m still pissed at the targeting call on Ramik Wilson vs Vandy. That was the most textbook example of a tackle that I’ve ever seen. That penalty cost us the game.

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      • I think that call resulted in the rule change that made a targeting call fully reversible. It was horrible.

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        • College football has done an incredible amount of dumb things, but having a penalty that could be overturned yet not remove the yardage/automatic first down was all kinds of stupid.

          And yeah, that was definitely the call that officially woke people up to how dumb it was.

          But we had that game well in hand and made a bunch of dumb mistakes to let them back in it. Yea, technically speaking that call was what lost the game for us. But it never should have been close enough for that call to matter.

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  8. Godawg

    Ole Piss was the first to come to my mind as well but I can see the Aggies as contenders for first time.


  9. archiecreek

    Don’t gesture to their undisciplined asses!!!

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  10. PTC DAWG

    F Texas


  11. godawgs1701

    It’s obviously going to be Ole Miss, my only question is will the flag be thrown against Lane Kiffin or a player? My money is on Kiffin.

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  12. owensborodawg

    Nice, Senator. I literally laughed out loud at “and why will it be Ole Miss?” Thank you.


  13. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    “Who will be the first SEC school to be hit with a penalty for a Horns Down gesture, and why will it be Ole Miss?”
    Miz Scarlet that all depends upon whether Penn Wagers comes out of retirement or not.

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    • Nil Butron is a Pud

      Years ago I was drunk watching some random SEC game and sending out my thoughts on the new Twitter machine (I’ve long since repented and abstained from the devil’s bullhorn). After a a series of particularly egregious calls I tweeted “who’s reffing this game? Penn Fucking Wagers?” 2 minutes later the a-hole himself tweeted back: “My middle name is David.”

      Funny…but he’s still a dick.

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  14. classiccitycanine

    This seems like one of those favors that Texas only gets because they’re the 800 lb. gorilla in their conference. Once they’re in the SEC, they won’t be able to push everybody around the way they’re used to.


  15. uga97

    Cow bells off. Sandstorm muted. Eagles caged. Gator cheerleaders muzzled. This is where this idiot is helping dismantle what makes college sports fun.