Slammin’ before halftime

Matt is back with his first half point differential metric.  Here’s how the 2021 SEC regular season played out:

The 2021 SEC standings.

1HPD in SEC play (title game excluded).

Georgia was on pace to be one of the best SEC champions of all-time until their lackluster performance in the SEC Championship Game. I’m sure most Georgia fans will take the end result though. Meanwhile, despite winning the SEC in back-to-back years, Alabama showed some vulnerability as evidenced by their relatively low first half differential. Is this a temporary setback (they did play for the national title after all) or a sign that Saban’s stranglehold on the sport is slipping ever so slightly?

I’m gonna say nah to that.  But it does give credence to the idea that Alabama had to keep their offensive foot on the gas a lot longer than Georgia did, which explains some of the statistical differences in the two teams’ passing attacks.


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14 responses to “Slammin’ before halftime

  1. Bama must not have had Mookie Williams in the first half of games.

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  2. 2021 was shock and awe. I rewatched the Arkansas game the other night and the Florida game a couple of days before. 2 very different flavors of the same dish … the Arkansas game was overwhelming from the opening kick and the Florida game was a lightning bolt that turned a competitive game into a rout.

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  3. charlottedawg

    I certainly didn’t feel this way in mid December but Looking back at the entire body of work in 2021 a couple things are fairly obvious (even if Alabama fans don’t want to admit it)

    1) Georgia was far and away the best team in CFB as evidenced by the ridiculous margins of victory throughout the season
    2) the sec championship was an anomaly, the national championship game was the continuation of the trend (trend being Georgia beating opponents by 2+ touchdowns and absolutely manhandling them on the line of scrimmage)

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  4. This is just validating what I typed last season and even during this talkin’ season. The Dawgs last year were so methodical and deliberate, it was the first time in decades I can remember my Cuckoo-for-cocoa puffs crazy ass being calm and enjoying each game (sans SECC). Kirby had the fellas just executing every Saturday…in retrospect it is very impressive.

    And being up as much in the 1st half and having your bench grind out tough yards in the 2nd reduced stats, but it gave experience to those number 2s that will pay dividends this season. I won’t be critical of Kirby and staff…he’s on the mutha

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  5. uga97

    Tennessee lost to fla by 24 pts. They beat UK by 3. They are fools gold. Keep an eye on the ground beef ringers of Miss State & the USCluckers.

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  6. originaluglydawg

    A measly 28 over the Fighting Waffles????
    That would be a “Moral Victory” for them.

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  7. originaluglydawg

    Something happened that’s hard to figure out.
    Bama lost to TAM. (To be fair, it was a fluky loss.)
    After Florida’s moral victory (which Bama was very lucky to come out on top of), Bama handled the defenseless TN pretty easily. (Dawgs over UF by 27)
    Then they got by the Hogs by 7 (Georgia beat Arkansas by 37.
    They then squeaked by Auburn by 2 points in overtime. (Dawgs beat AU by 24).
    Did Alabama just happen to get everyone’s best shot?
    Did they prepare so much for Old Miss that they forgot Auburn had a pulse and hates them and would fight them tooth and nail to the bitter end?
    It looks to me that there was very likely a problem with motivation and preparation for what was probably seen as “gimme games”.
    That would explain their focus during the SECCG and the playoffs.
    I still wish I had a firm explanation of what happened in the SECCG.
    (I don’t believe Kirby mailed it in). Maybe the Dawgs just got Bama’s best shot? Maybe the team was lagging in energy because of the flu??
    There was a rumor that Lanning was distracted all week with the O job offer.
    Whatever the reason, I’d love to hear it.
    I’m wondering if Saban sometimes had some difficulty motivating his team last year. The loss to TAM should have been enough to wake them up.
    Maybe the GOAT is slipping. If so, I won’t gloat over it, but I’ll take it.

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  8. JoeDashDawg

    I’m finally willing to accept the blame for the SEC Championship loss – I went to my Gator fan cousin’s wedding in Boca Raton that weekend, despite my better judgement. I apologize to all my fellow Dawg fans for not sticking to my usual “No Fall Weddings” mantra. My absence from the game/state obviously gave half the DL the flu and gave Metchie the boost he needed.