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“And if you don’t disrupt, you will get disrupted.”

The Big 12’s new commissioner sounds exactly like what you’d expect in this day and age ($$).

What has your relationship to college football been in your career? Have you gone to many games?

Not a lot. I went to Indiana, I’m a big fan of Indiana. I went to a couple games last year because my daughter was there. And I watch it on TV, I watch sports. But other than that, there isn’t a real connection to college football.

When I read up on your background, the question I wondered was: Why did you want to move down to Dallas and run the Big 12? Why leave your life in New York and the career you’ve built there for this job?

I like to build things. You know, it’s interesting. I’ve always been a gut guy. And when I was at the Nets and then I left for NASCAR, everyone said the same thing. “NASCAR? You’re from the Northeast. You don’t know anything about race car driving.” And I fell in love with the business of NASCAR.




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It’s hip to be square.

There’s a fine line between “it just means more” and trying too hard…

… and the Southeastern Conference managed to blow right past it yesterday.

My guess is some bright young media person is out of a job today.


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