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Steelemas, nugget no. 2

Phil Steele tracks something he calls Draft Day Party Hangover, which sounds like something you’d expect — teams that have more players drafted by the NFL after a given season have a marked tendency to do as well the following season.

His metric works as follows:  he assigns a team 7 points for every player it has that goes in the first round of the draft, 6 points for second round selections, etc.  Over the past 25 years, teams with 12 or more points have a 73.4% chance of having a weaker or the same record the next season.  For teams with 24 or more points, it’s an 80.2% chance.  And for teams with 35 or more points, it’s 75%.

That does look a little bell curvy there, but I digress.

There is only one team going into the ’22 season that qualified for Steele’s top category.  You only get one guess as to which team that is.



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Steelemas, nugget no. 1

Picked up my copy of the 2022 Preview yesterday, and as is my want, on the first day I just tend to wander randomly through the contents.  Here’s a factoid that caught my eye:

If the 12-team playoff was in effect back to 2014 then 14 teams in that 7-year span would have been in the playoffs with 3 losses.

But think of all the extra money the P5 would have taken in over that time!  Seems like a fair tradeoff, at least to Mickey.


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Today, in gappin’

The top four spots on USA Today’s top 10 SEC players list are occupied by two from Alabama and two from Georgia.


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