Today, in always be ‘crootin’

That may be Kirby’s motto, but Nick’s right there with him, or maybe even past him, when it comes to selective puffery.

At this event last year in Hoover, Ala., Alabama’s Nick Saban raised eyebrows when he casually mentioned that at least one of his players had inked an NIL deal approaching $1 million. The Crimson Tide’s legendary coach offered some numbers again Tuesday at SEC Media Days.

Unsolicited, Saban mentioned that Alabama players have garnered name, image and likeness deals totaling more than $3 million. He proudly proclaimed that as “better than anybody in the country.”

Yeah?  And exactly how does he know that?  Did he survey his peers at the 130 other programs to find out?

I guess we’ll all have to take his word.



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11 responses to “Today, in always be ‘crootin’

  1. RangerRuss

    I guess Saban is an asshole.
    0-1 for 2022.

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  2. uga97

    3 million…

    plus Workers’ Comp for 2 injured WRs whose names we shall no longer mention.

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  3. Care to retort, Jimbo?


  4. Saban is becoming a bigger jackass the closer he gets to retirement. He knows the clock is ticking. It doesn’t matter how much Just for Men he puts in his hair or how many commercials he makes with Coach Prime. Saban is OLD in what is rapidly becoming a young man’s job. I really don’t see how he’s still coaching in 5 years other than as a Bobby Bowden guy in the tower.

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    • californiadawg

      It’s been a really weird offseason for him — whiny, excuse-ridden interviews, starting petty fights with Jimbo, decrying A&M for “paying players” while bragging about his own NIL deals. Maybe it has to do with age and rumors of his impending retirement or maybe he’s still sore about last season but it’s not like he hasn’t lost a natty before.


  5. One of the posters known as Mark

    How does he know? He’s Nick Saban: he has a paid spy on every college football staff in the NCAA.


  6. Ran A

    This week in “talk out of both sides of your mouth” in the SEC.

    Few weeks ago he told a group of boosters that A*M “bought” their recruiting class.

    This week he shows up and brags on having the most NIL $$$ spent on his team.

    You can’t make this stuff up…

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  7. W Cobb Dawg

    I find it hard to believe there’s very many bama supporters with what’s known as ‘f#*k you’ money. Now Texas, they’ve got more than a few.

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  8. jim1886

    And Saban has the gall to call out Texas A& M.
    He opened the door when he pumped up Young’s NIL deal when he was at the Texas high school coaches association meeting


  9. Dawg19

    This is right up there with every C-store’s claim of “coldest beer in town!!”.