Everybody has an Alliance until they get hit in the mouth.

Ah, yes, once upon a time… those heady days when the ACC, Big Ten and Pac-12 were all singing from the same CFP hymnbook.

The same Alliance that in February scuttled a 12-team expansion because (take your pick):

— The process was moving too quickly, ignoring any number of issues that affect (and stress) student-athletes.

— There was too much “uncertainty” in such a dramatic move.

— Student-athletes shouldn’t be playing a 17-game season.

— Television shouldn’t have a hand in dictating conference expansion in college football.

Now?  The tune, she has changed.

What that formally looks like still hasn’t been decided, but the notion of a potential 16-game playoff continues to be perpetuated. Kliavkoff mentioned the dynamic in the room changing now that Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren is expected to tamp down his demand for automatic qualifiers, one of the key stumbling blocks for the 12-team playoff. He also mentioned one of the ACC’s issues — a 365-day calendar review — is underway and likely to be resolved.

“I’m in favor of expanding the College Football Playoff,” Kliavkoff said. “I don’t have particular issues between 12 and 16. I understand the arguments for and against.”

But one thing lives on.

Always.  Be.  Doing It For The Kids.


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5 responses to “Everybody has an Alliance until they get hit in the mouth.

  1. George sees the light: For = More $$$. Against = Less $$$

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  2. waterswv

    And still the undisputed heavy weight champ…


  3. muttleyagain

    The performances of Michigan and Cincinnati left us all clamoring for much more of that hot, sexy Cinderella action. 32 rounds or bust.

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  4. godawgs1701

    Outside of adding more scholarships, there is nothing that the major schools can do to better support the student athletes. Not if you’re not going to directly pay them out of the athletic department budgets. The added TV revenues will do nothing to improve quality of life, quality of education, or student athlete experience for the football players in the major conferences. Those improvements have already been made and now the only thing that can be done is adding golf leaf or perhaps diamond inlays to the stuff that’s already been built. The added revenue now just goes to further enrich conference stooges and athletic department employees. And, sure, some of it goes back to the universities (but certainly not in a way that will reduce the tuition costs for the paying public).


  5. Phillips and Kliavkoff got played by Kevin Warren over his temper tantrum that Greg Sankey had become the main driver in college sports. Suckers!

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