“I’ve talked to all my [coaching] buddies.”

Tubs, to the rescue!

You’ve got to admit a man who famously jumped ship from a school during a lunch with recruits ought to be an expert on free-for-alls.

Yeah, this is going to end well.



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39 responses to ““I’ve talked to all my [coaching] buddies.”

  1. siskey

    Ha. I just wish he would have stayed at Auburn long enough to go 9-3 with Cam.

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  2. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Proving that we get the politicians that we deserve.

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  3. RangerRuss

    We can give ol Tommy Tatertown righteous hell as he deserves it. As far as Senatorial competence he’s in the top 10% as a great many are old, incontinent, senile or just plain fuckn stupid. They’re all grifters who could be prosecuted for criminal misconduct. Now they’re getting involved in a mess they’ll only make worse.
    As the great philosopher and drummer Ringo Starr once said, “Everything government touches turns to shit”.

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  4. 79dawg

    BREAKING Tommy Tuberville still has coaching buddies (allegedly)!
    (On a more serious note, when are we going to get a post on St. Nick saying last year was a “rebuilding” year????)

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    • miltondawg

      I heard that today. What a fucking joke. Heisman Trophy winner, arguably two of the best receivers in the nation, probably the best defensive player in the nation, beat the eventual national champion soundly to win the SEC, and made it to the national championship game…but they were in the midst of a rebuilding year. I’ll grant him that they lost a lot of talent to the NFL in the 2021 draft, but a rebuilding year? GFY.

      Not one person in the paid media will call him out for saying it and playing his typical mind-fuck games. And after the Metchie/Williams excuse this will become the next excuse Bama fans will use between now and Labor Day weekend. If Kirby were to use that this year the paid media would lambast and ridicule him.

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  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Talking to @SInow is the most work Tubs has done since he got to DC.

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  6. originaluglydawg

    Ranger Russ said, “We’re fucked”.
    (The first thought that goes through a recruit’s mind when the DI boards the bus in front of the receiving area. If the DI doesn’t wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before he jumps in, it becomes, “We’re really, fucked”).
    That should go into the lexicon to refer to anytime politicians get involved in college sports.
    Well said Ranger.
    I was going to post that the quickest way to go from SNAFU to FUBAR is to get congress involved. And yeah, Tubbs is one of the better ones so what does that say about the rest of the worthless, self-serving POS in the federal government?
    In Clancy’s “Debt of Honor”, Congress gets wiped out by a plane crashing into the capital during a joint session of congress.
    The people are asked to send farmers, teachers, grocers, etc. to replace congress instead of (sorry Bluto….although I would vote for you) lawyers and politicians.
    I certainly don’t want our congressmen wiped out like that, but I would love to see practically every single one of them replaced and denied a pension and a position as a lobbyist. Term limits (a limit of two for a House Rep and one for a Senator would be a good start).

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    • RangerRuss

      When I read Clancy’s DoH in the mid-90’s I did a face palm. It took seven years but those goat fuckers plagiarized that scheme and expanded it. They never had an original idea in their heads but they damn sure read and watch films. Meanwhile the very ones they sought to exterminate were too busy lining their pockets to listen to security experts until it was too late. Then they overreacted as a matter of course.
      Yeah, travel turned to shit.


  7. 69Dawg

    What could possibly go wrong????? LMAO

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  8. stoopnagle

    Take a look at this asshole.


  9. theoriginalspike

    Tubbs has “buddies”? Who knew?


  10. Illini84

    I’m sure if I state my opinion the thread will be closed.

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  11. Russ

    On a more serious note, RIP to Lars Tate, a damned good Dawg and one of our great running backs. Throat cancer sucks.

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  12. uga97

    F that tub o shik

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  13. munsoning

    The Emptiest Suit


  14. fisheriesdawg

    Y’all give him some grace. Tommy Tuberville finally found an issue before the US Senate for which he is actually qualified to work on legislation. Shouldn’t we let him have this? Such a situation won’t come around often.

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  15. Tubs was a mediocre coach who took advantage of Jetgate, the BCS snub in 2004, and an Alabama program in constant crisis mode to make everyone think he was some kind of wily genius. Him getting elected to the senate alone is grounds for knocking the state of Alabama down to “territory” status.


  16. godawgs1701

    The good news is that there’s actually still something that can be worked on in a bipartisan manner in Washington!

    The bad news is that it’s just sports.

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  17. SouthsideDawg

    You know what happens when you give a politician Viagra? He gets taller.


  18. row105

    Just found out the democratic co-sponsor….. W Vir. (D) Joe Manchin.. For those who do not know it Manchin and Coach Satan are very good West Virginia friends. The puppet master will find a way to tip the scales in Alabama’s favor.
    The current NIL, transfer portal and consolidation of conferences is unquestionably stealing some of my love of college football but I, for one, never underestimate the ability of our Federal government and D.C. bureaucrats to take a bad situation and make it more complex and worse.
    As for the lawyer bashing earlier in this thread . We are about to have two non-lawyers propose legislation that effects a game most of us care about…..what could possibly go wrong?