TFW they say it’s voluntary

I mean, the kids do it for the love of the game, amirite?

Wednesday is “Report Day.” At least, that’s the way it’s listed on Georgia football’s official calendar.

There was a time that was a real red-letter day for the Bulldogs. Players would pull back into town with their cars loaded down with clothes and dorm supplies to move back onto campus and start getting into shape for the fast-approaching season.

Nowadays, even the incoming freshmen have been living in Athens for months. Most haven’t left town for more than a week since the first of June. And they’ve stayed plenty busy in the meantime.

I do love the smell of sausage making in the morning.



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8 responses to “TFW they say it’s voluntary

  1. Ran A

    It’s a full time job. Have great concerns where this whole NIL thing goes before settling in; all players committed to this, should be compensated.


  2. Hobnail_Boot

    I don’t get paid if I don’t show up to my job.


  3. Harold Miller

    “Reporting Day” takes me back to times of Len Dawson smoking a cigarette on the sideline during the Super Bowl.

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  4. chopdawg

    You’re right. Most of them do it for love of the game.


  5. rigger92

    Well, the coaches have been recruiting 24/7 the whole time too. At least with NIL most everybody is getting paid now.


  6. They’re working towards something. What’s wrong with that?


  7. Harold Miller

    Unrelated, but I was looking at Kentucky’s schedule, and those assholes may be really full of themselves/shit by the time we play them. It’s not a stretch to say that could be a SEC east playoff. Biggest obstacles for them being at Ole Miss and at Tennessee.