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Thuggery on the Plains

I didn’t know Jimmy Williamson was doing consulting work these days.


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As efficient as the next guy

Fine line between a Heisman Trophy winner and a former walk-on…

Maybe the discussion should be more about the offensive coordinators than the quarterbacks, you know?



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The Pac-12’s saving grace?

Could it be an accident of location?

Late-night West Coast games are referred to as occurring the “Fourth Window” — after 10 p.m. ET. As much ribbing as the Pac-12 has received for those games (#Pac12AfterDark), there is no way around them. They are valuable programming that fills late-night TV slots with guaranteed ratings.

That’s why the late window is key for the Pac-12. It may be why ESPN could remain engaged with the conference beyond Thursday’s reported expiration of an exclusive 30-day negotiating window. Without the Pac-12, ESPN may not have late-night football. Fox is already set there with its Mountain West contract.

One industry course speculated: If ESPN doesn’t get a piece of the Big Ten, does it go all-in with whatever is left of the Pac-12?

“An alternative to the Mountain West” is a helluva sales pitch, fellas.


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In case you were worried…

Beth Mowins will not be calling Georgia’s opener.  These folks will:


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TFW “rebuilding” is the new “throwaway”

El Oh El.

Despite winning the SEC, beating Cincinnati in the Cotton Bowl and competing in the College Football Playoff National Championship game, Alabama coach Nick Saban looked back on last season Wednesday and called it “kind of a rebuilding year.”

Tell that to Metchie and Williams, boss.


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Hair today, gone tomorrow

Muh quarterback, sporting a new look.


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New Coke drops

Naw, not that New Coke.  This one:

UGA football 2021 national champions Coke bottles

Might have to get that to display next to my 1980 commemorative bottle.




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