Hair today, gone tomorrow

Muh quarterback, sporting a new look.


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30 responses to “Hair today, gone tomorrow

  1. RangerRuss

    “Anybody with a haircut like that you know he’s an asshole.”
    -Gary Wallace

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    • siskey

      Ranger you’ve seen your fair share of white boy fades, so how do you grade this one? It.looks to me like he got it cut Friday afternoon and not Sunday night. It seems in regs and like it’ll help him run faster. I give it a 9-9.5.

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  2. argondawg

    The man has been there 74 years? He’s got a sense of humor for sure. The fade while wearing the Biggie/Tupac shirt is a nice touch.

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  3. He’s looking more and more like Kap…

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  4. Ole Dokes

    Dude does not give a rat’s ass. Nothing to lose & playin with house money.

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  5. I thought it was awesome. I imagine the media days hair will be back by Labor Day weekend … one less thing to worry about during camp. Apparently, there are a number of guys who did it to be the Buzz Cut Crew.

    The year 74 thing is hilarious. The only thing that could have been better is 41 or 33.

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  6. olddawg22

    Never get a haircut after finishing off a bottle of Pappy!

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  7. SCDawg

    T-Shirt’s a nice touch too


    • Derek

      Save for the fact that Biggie is to Stet what Buddy Holly was to me (dead several years before I arrived) and it makes me feel ancient.

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  8. row105

    Has he put on weight?
    If your practicing outside in this heat, hell yeah…buzz away.
    74 is that 1974 the year he was suppose to graduate or is it 2074 when he will graduate?

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  9. rigger92

    Yeah, that dawg will hunt.


  10. All we needed was Kirbs with his hat backwards and it could be on Awkward Family Photos. lol


  11. 86bone

    Not but three types of folks wear their hat backwards:
    Cock Suckers

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  12. spur21

    He looks 6′ 1″ possibly 6′ 2″ 🙂


  13. NotMyCrossToBear

    Better than that rat’s nest he sported last year.


  14. classiccitycanine

    Looks like Stequavious Bennett has replaced Stetson Bennett IV.