Today, in gaps

Matt Hayes isn’t particularly impressed with this year’s version of the Florida Gators.

Florida’s best running back is a transfer portal signee from Louisiana.

Florida’s best offensive lineman is a transfer portal signee from Louisiana.

Florida’s best wide receiver is a transfer portal signee from Arizona State.

Stop me when you think this is a healthy SEC program.

That same source told me the first level of players — the starters on offense and defense — “can win games.” After that, “there are guys who shouldn’t even be (on the roster).”

… Florida likes to see itself as a top-10 program. Imagine Georgia or Ohio State or Clemson with Group of 5 school transfers as their best players at critical positions on the field.

Imagine those schools so void of talent at quarterback, the most important position on the field, their season will collapse if anything happens to the one player with talent (Anthony Richardson).

But it’s not just the offense. The front seven on defense has no players of impact, no one on the edge who can consistently disrupt a passing game and no one in the middle who can consistently blow up run games.

When the preseason All-SEC teams were announced in July after Media Days, Florida had 1 player on the first-team offense: guard O’Cyrus Torrence, the transfer from Louisiana. The Gators didn’t have another offensive player on the second or third teams.

Florida had 2 players overall on the first and second teams, including DE Brenton Cox on the second team. A school that likes to think of itself as a top-10 program, had 2 players among the 44 top players in the SEC — one who just transferred into the program.

Sounds promising.


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48 responses to “Today, in gaps

  1. The thing that has been eye-popping about Florida is that they haven’t had the true disrupter on the defensive front. Their great teams always had that player in the middle or on the edge (or both many times) that was impossible to block especially 1 on 1. They always had that Jalen Carter kind of player from central Florida who just made offensive line coaches miserable.

    I’m glad that type of player is on our sideline now.

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    • divingduck7

      I thought Gervon Dexter (whom we wanted badly) was supposed to be an impact player?


      • Impact and game-changing are 2 completely different things. Jalen Carter is the type of player you have to game plan around. If healthy, he’s the 2nd best defensive player in the conference behind Will Anderson.

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        • divingduck7

          Not arguing he’s Jalen Carter. I guess I was quibbling with Hayes’ comment that the front 7 had “no players of impact”. I guess he doesn’t cross that threshold, which I’m perfectly fine with.


  2. Man, I knew the chickens of Dan Mullen’s recruiting failures were coming home to roost, but I didn’t know it was this dire. When Brenton Cox is one of your top talents, your roster is well and truly screwed.

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  3. whit1356


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  4. originaluglydawg

    You hate to see it…..(snicker)….

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  5. RangerRuss

    Fuck those motherfuckers.

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  6. pdawg30577

    It may not be Dawg Porn, but if this doesn’t give you wood, you need to consult your doctor about Viagra.

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  7. JaxDawg

    If only dopey Dan were there to turn all those 2 and 3 star talents into game-day 5 stars with his superior mastery of X’s and O’s.


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    • Down Island Way

      Could transport port-o-let master 2.0 be alive and well in hogtown, could this be FU roster management at it’s finest, could this really be FU crootin’ of the future…cause CKS want’s to “physically, physically, I want to break ’em”….GO DAWGS!

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  8. Can always rely on a few drops of Gator tears to spice up my coffee on Fridays. Thank you Senator. Who the hell was it that had the Gators offense ranking higher than the Dawgs in some sort of preseason prediction? Jeebus, do those dudes even pay attention to a roster? Oh, and FTMF

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  9. Hayes is FOS regarding their front 7 as Gervon Dexter is a legit first-round talent, but this is a joy to read.

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    • akascuba

      Matt is FOS as usual with his gator boy takes. His pitiful transfer OL guy is first team all SEC. He’s just laying cover for his boy Billy to coach them up via his genius. #FTMF

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      • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

        My thoughts exactly. The Gayturds are sneaky little shits. This is just click bait designed to have us take our eyes off the ball. Don’t fall for it, Kirby! Don’t let the team fall for it!

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      • Bulldawg Bill

        Oh, IDK, ‘Scuba! i wouldn’t necessarily say he’s full of shit, but he could probably use some more fiber in his diet!

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        • akascuba

          I agree with you regarding this article. My FOS toward Matt is more long term as he has been waving gator pom poms driving public opinion to benefit his school for years. I wish they would all be honest and attach an alum logo to their byline. Long time reporters due have influence on some media, polls and recruiting. He’s just more biased IMO than most. I admit I am certainly biased in my rightful gator hating opinions.

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  10. David D

    Brenton “I think I’ll take this play off” Cox on any All-SEC list is some sort of malpractice.

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  11. Russ

    I thought Cox’s game was on point.

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  12. NotMyCrossToBear

    It damn sure ain’t 1990 and I am here for it. FTMFs

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  13. godawgs1701

    Florida opens the season with back to back contests against two of the most physical teams they play all year in Utah and Kentucky. They will play LSU in Game 7 before they catch the bye week before Georgia. I’m just saying… if what Matt Hayes describes above is Florida at full strength, forgive me if I’m drooling at the thought of playing them in Game 8 when they’re dealing with the injuries every team piles up during an SEC football season.

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  14. whb209

    Alabama seems to have the same problem as Florida. AL had to got to the portal to get O Line man, receiver and a few other players. Both of these teams never had this problem before this year. Sounds good to me.

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  15. ehkanghere

    things you hate to see

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  16. uga97

    FU & the jorted Billy Barous lose to:

    Utah, Dawgs in jax, @UTenn, UK at home, USCe (home), LSU (home), @FSU, @TeXas A&M…..minimum 4-8.

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  17. SouthsideDawg

    That’s a shame.

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  18. owensborodawg

    Has there ever been a better time to be a Bulldawg? Every day I come to this blog to see FTMF bombs raining down on the slime to the south. Bama has transferred a busload of bodies just to beat us. Auburn is a smoldering crater of cow manure, as always. SCar and Tenn have their noses pressed to the glass, on the outside looking in. And all of my Ky friends are talking big, until we hit them square in the mouth in November. Then, we will see. And Tech? Who is that? We may not go undefeated. Who does? But this I know, more truly now than at any time in my 56 years: When our team lines up to play we will hit you in the mouth again and again. And we will likely beat you twice. When we play and the next week too because you are so battered and beat up. I love what Kirby has done with this program. It’s nice to sit back, bourbon in hand, and watch the peasants flee in dispair from our barking.

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    • Bulldawg Bill

      Owen’, you haughty, arrogant, self absorbed, maniacal, silver tongued devil of a poet, you!!!!!

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      • owensborodawg

        Thank you, sir. I resemble that remark.

        Isn’t it nice to be who we are? After all these years, all the close calls, all the times we were THIS close, only to have it slip through our fingers in the last instant. We caught the car, chewed the tires down to the rims and pissed on the driver’s side door. And we just may do it again soon. Junkyard Dawgs, indeed.


  19. siskey

    I agree with the poster who said this is laying the ground work for Billy to “Coach them up.” I realize that they haven’t recruited at our level but they definitely have more talent than everyone in the SEC save us, Bama and Texas AM.
    The real issue he’s going to have down there is that he is Jim Donna or Mark Richt in that he’s having to deal with a rival who is really up and running. For at least the next few years their fans will have to talk themselves into how they can win depending on certain variables playing out. Their win in 2020 against us is going to be an anchor around Napier’s neck until he beats us a few times and I don’t think he’ll last long enough there to do it.


  20. stoopnagle

    If Brenton Cox ends up on any SEC team, I’ll be shocked.
    What is more fun? Watching Tech burn to the ground or seeing Florida flailing like a gigged gator?

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  21. atticus34

    Just think about this: Remove the first team. And our roster is still better than basically any team in the east. Prove me wrong.


  22. wtm121

    When Brenton Cox is the pillar upon which your defense is built, you’re in deep doo-doo.


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