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Sorry, not sorry

Gosh, should we feel seen?

I’ll see your 120th ranked offensive line (with the 7th pick in the last NFL draft?) and raise you with my walk-on, fourth string quarterback, Bubba.  Warts and all, college football’s two best teams last season faced off for the national championship.

Nick Saban has stacked top recruiting class on top of top recruiting class.  Alabama football is the living personification of “reloading, not rebuilding”.  So you’ll have to pardon us for a little mockery over the GOAT’s choice of words.



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TFW the patience of Job runs dry

The real question to this story is what particular straw broke this particular camel’s back to make “a 1996 UGA graduate, has worked in the ticket office in various capacities for 23 years. A native Athenian who attended Prince Avenue Christian School” give up being UGA’s football ticket manager for a position with the university’s auxiliary-services transportation and parking team.  It’s got to be a good one.


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Bo knows expectations.

Oregon fans, you’re adorable.

Gosh, where have we heard that before?


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Giving his all

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m having a hard time reconciling this

A lot of people are counting on Geoff Collins this year. Not only Georgia Tech players and fans, although they are looking for him to lead the Yellow Jackets to greater heights than the three-win seasons that they’ve stomached in the first three years of his leadership.

But also the assistant coaches and off-field personnel – quality-control and analyst positions, strength-and-conditioning coaches and staffers in operations, recruiting, social media and the equipment room – whom Collins has brought to Tech, as well as their families. They need him to deliver the progress that will ensure that his tenure – and theirs – can be extended to a fifth season.

“I bear that every single day, and it matters to me,” Collins said in an interview this week with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Every single person that’s in this organization, I’m not shy about how much I love and care and am appreciative every single day of their efforts and of who they are as people, so that is a big deal for me.”

… with the guy who mailed in a game plan to last year’s Georgia game that amounted to little more than complete submission.


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