Sorry, not sorry

Gosh, should we feel seen?

I’ll see your 120th ranked offensive line (with the 7th pick in the last NFL draft?) and raise you with my walk-on, fourth string quarterback, Bubba.  Warts and all, college football’s two best teams last season faced off for the national championship.

Nick Saban has stacked top recruiting class on top of top recruiting class.  Alabama football is the living personification of “reloading, not rebuilding”.  So you’ll have to pardon us for a little mockery over the GOAT’s choice of words.


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  1. Biggen

    I think that guy is preaching to the wrong fans. It’s not UGA fans. It Bama and everyone else in the media saying that that game would have gone differently had Metchie or Williams played.

    Like the Senator, anytime someone brings up Metchie or Williams in my extended family of Bama fans I always say, “Who was the team starting a former walk-on 3rd string QB and who had the Heisman winner??”. That usually quiets them pretty quickly as they seem to conveniently forget this part.

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    • sniffer

      Same, Biggen. 70% of our social life are UA alums. Most are congratulatory but when one try’s the “we were playing freshmen at receiver” schtick, I like to remind them we had three freshmen score. Ringo carries the redshirt but still..

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  2. Wow, someone’s blaming the Tide’s loss in Indy on the O-line and not the absence of Metchie and Williams? Boy, is that gonna piss off the RBR guys. You spend seven months pushing this carefully crafted narrative to anyone who’ll listen, and then some rando who didn’t read the memo comes in and blows it all up…

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  3. Hobnail_Boot

    Entitlement can be a mofo.

    They’re gonna be real sore after the SECCG makes it two in a row.

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  4. uga97

    Agree this is horseshit. His program looks more and more like its got chinks in the armor. And this week it’s the O-line, not named Metchie & Williams. Horny for disrespect? Choice words for a cheap blogger who actually horny one, horny as hell for clicks, but i digress.

    Our fanbase are not the ones at press conferences over the last year full of excuses & whining all over the map over NIL, WR injuries, and Jimbo buying players. So let’s pause a moment and just ask why little Nicky’s been so ornery and disgruntled over so many things? That’s usually a sign that maybe his fans can figure out. Us, well we are just gonna be fine and don’t have time for this shit.

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  5. Granthams Replacement

    Bama’s OL weakness was multiplied when the 2 WRs were out. The DL was not the normal stellar unit (still a good unit)as well. I look for more of the same this year on the OL over there.

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  6. That’s what happens, you doofus Bammer (that’s redundant), when your GOAT coach decides to go all in on finesse over LOS dominance and runs into a team built around the LOS. #ManballWinsChampionships #LoserTalk

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  7. Russ

    Sounds like a coaching problem to me. It certainly isn’t a lack of talent.

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  8. bucketheridge

    That dude’s complete lack of self awareness is the most Bama thing about him.

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  9. D.N. Nation

    That Verne Fundquist guy is one in a wide number of supposedly straight-shooting football hot-takers who absolutely lost their marbles when Kirby won the big one.

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  10. Remember the Quincy

    I have spent weeks listening to CFB “experts” talk about the upcoming season, and how this is Saban’s best team he’s ever assembled coming up in 2022, that they’re the “most obvious favorite to win it all” in a decade.

    What exactly has changed so much from the team that played on January 8, other than losing the two best WRs to play the game in the last half century?

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    • I agree. They may win it, but they aren’t invincible. Bryce Young is not good when rattled. He does not like to get hit. He lost the 2 guys who apparently were the reason they made it so far last year in a rebuild. Their best back came from Georgia Tech … don’t get me wrong. Gibbs is a good player, but he isn’t Najee Harris. They lost their best OL and signed one from Vanderbilt. On defense, Anderson and Turner are excellent bookends, but do they have the dominant interior lineman Bama has consistently had?

      The Bama mystique is gone now with Dumbo and Kirby taking Saban down. They may win the title, but they have a long difficult road to get there.

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      • moe pritchett

        On Gibbs;
        He is good sturdy back. I watched him him HS. But the fact remains that Bama went portaling and hooked a back from a cellar dwelling ACC has been team. He will be ok, but Im not sure he is a 1k RB

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      • Biggen

        What happened to the Bama of old? They use to recruit monsters and develop them. Now? They are hitting the transfer portal heavily the last couple of years to plug holes in a deficient roster.

        Are they missing out on recruiting evals and just chasing stars? Something doesn’t seem right if #1 class after #1 class qualifies as a “rebuilding year”.

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    • stoopnagle

      Well they got an offensive lineman from Vandy out of the portal.

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  11. moe pritchett

    Honky McFailson approves this message.

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  12. MGW

    These people are relentless.


  13. Got Cowdog

    That dipshit can go fuck himself.

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  14. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Never heard of Chris Marler so I did a search. Handful of obits in various parts of the country and one person who does ‘fine art nature photography’. Hmmm.

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  15. Illini84

    Between said “kinda” and “sort of” fifty fucking times Brandon Adams agrees!

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  16. ben

    This guy, like all Alabama fans, have shown their true colors after losing to UGA. They are a wildly successful football program with an incredibly fragile fan base, and that ain’t a good combination.

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  17. originaluglydawg

    Dawg fans are horny and Bama fans are butthurt.
    (I’m gonna leave that right there).

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  18. Gaskilldawg

    A head coach truly confident about his program sustaining its historical success would just smile and point to the trophy case when asked about whether he needs to rebuild.

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  19. jcdawg83

    To quote the bard, “me thinks he doth protest too much”. The excuse making regarding Metchie and Williams combined with the “rebuilding” comment and this fool’s take leads me to believe the Bama faithful have some concerns and insecurities about the state of their program. Bama is going to be good this season, probably very good, but it appears the days of them being the unstoppable juggernaut may be behind them.

    Saban’s transfer acquisitions are all good but I don’t think any of them are game changing players like Metchie or Williams. Burton is a good receiver but he doesn’t have that run away from the world speed and Gibbs put up pretty good numbers against very weak competition (he had -10 yards on 10 carries against Pitt and 30 yards on 11 carries against Clemson) and I don’t see him being a game changing feature back in the SEC. Getting a tackle from Vandy to be a starter is not exactly a ringing endorsement of the talent at Bama on the O line.

    Young is accurate and elusive but opposing DCs know the secret to defending him is to pressure him so that is what he is going to see in every game. Bama may be good this season but I’m not sure they are going to be as good as the talking heads think they will be.

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  20. RangerRuss

    Watching UGA-Bama NC 2017/18 on the SEC Network and second half Bama privilege in action. Pisses me off. Definitely cost the Dawgs the NC.
    In all fairness it may have been simple zebra incompetence as opposed to ‘18 SECC and 2020 regular season. Those SEC refs put on a clinic in how to give their girls the edge.
    Upon further review of the latest UGA vs Bama game, which Georgia won 33-18 in case you forgot, I was struck by how lackadaisical the refs were concerning extracurricular activity after the whistle. Specifically the last Georgia drive that ended in the Bowers TD. Justin Shaffer #54 dove & drove his helmet into a Tide defender post-play, putting the boy out. No yellow hammer. Shortly afterwards #54 came flying through the air like Superman after the whistle, piling on. No flag. I was and am delighted. A 15 yard penalty could’ve changed the “tide”. I figure it was payback and a bit of Georgia privilege if you will. It was our turn.
    Suck it Gumps.

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    • rigger92

      Heh, I just stopped watching that game. Checking in here before I finish working on my son’s car. Agreed, and I’m back at it. Later

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  21. otto1980

    We’ve heard for a decade things like:
    Bama doesn’t rebuild, Bama reloads
    Bama’s 2nd string is a top 5 team.
    UGA never wins the big one etc

    UGA wins a national title and all we hear is:
    Their 2 best WRs were out.
    Ohh it was the weakest year in CFB
    and now…
    Bama was rebuilding.

    UGA won Bama lost time to eat crow. Glad to hear all the disrespect, I hope the team hears it as well. I want Smart to retire Saban.

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  22. 69Dawg

    I believe we are seeing the GOAT’s beginning of the end. He has never had time for too much sh*t and if the fans don’t just shut up and give enough money so Alabama can buy more players he might just take his fortune and go to the lake. NIL is not like the portal NIL is about acquiring players. The portal is about admitting your team has either a starter problem (hello Burton) or a depth problem, which can be traced to a recruiting problem. We are also getting a glimpse of how recruiting rakings are determined to some extent by which teams are recruiting the player. If Bama is after him he must be good. The other thing I have only heard one talking head mention that UGA took nobody from the portal. I guess that means that the boys we got were better than any of the 2,000 kids in there waiting to be taken.
    Losing coaches every year has to have an affect on the organization and the guys he has been getting lately are NFL castoffs. NFL guys are lazy ass recruiters and depend on their NFL expertise to get players to want to sign. I guess I just think the GOATS got maybe a few good years left but the cracks are showing.

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  23. stoopnagle

    Everyone has idiots.

    For myself, I’m too busy trying to decide which National Champions shirt is going to be my Gameday attire this year to give a shit about Alabama. I don’t see them on the schedule anyway.