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Metchie and Williams got nothin’ to say

Yeah, there is this.

You know what they say — shit happens in a rebuilding year.


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Hey, this guy may not be bad.

You know, I have a distinct feeling that something important about Georgia’s offense this season is being overlooked.

It’s easy to get distracted by all the Stetson-is-he-or-isn’t-he-the-guy chatter, but the fact remains that Todd Monken is damned good at this job.  Elite, in fact, to borrow a word.  And, for Monken, 2022 will represent the first season when installation of his offense won’t be limited because of a pandemic, his players have a full year’s experience under their belts of playing in his scheme and he won’t be juggling quarterbacks from the get go.

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time thinking Georgia’s offense won’t be better this year.


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Mr. Fix It

Folks, Coach 404 is on the mother.  Just ask him.

Specifically, Collins clearly believes that his decision to commit more time to supporting defensive coordinator Andrew Thacker will pay dividends. He sent that message in his time at the podium of the team’s media day Saturday, on the Jackets’ second day of preseason practice. He was asked, for instance, what needed to be fixed to turn around the defense, which has finished 89th, 109th and 117th in the FBS in total defense the past three seasons.

“I don’t know if there’s one place that you can say has been the deficiency and the reason why, but (me) just getting to be with them every single day, adding my expertise to it is going to be beneficial for all of us,” he said.

Which, of course, begs the obvious question.


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“This isn’t a beauty contest.”

“Stetson Bennett is the SEC’s Trent Dilfer” isn’t exactly the greatest compliment one could dish out for ***  checks notes *** the second best quarterback in the conference.  Talk about your damning with faint praise…


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Dress for success

Look out, world.  The Gators are getting their sartorial shit together.

When Florida defensive lineman Gervon Dexter describes the biggest changes in the Gators under first-year coach Billy Napier, he starts at the bottom.

He starts with socks.

“(If) Coach Napier said we’re all outside in white socks,” Dexter said, “you won’t see a blue sock out there.”

Evidently, they’re serious about that.

Those overlooked details help account for six of UF’s last 10 losses. Change one or two of them, and maybe it would have been Mullen, not Napier, standing at the lectern Tuesday for UF’s media day.

“It all matters,” Napier said.

The socks matter for a few reasons. For Dexter, they represent uniformity.

“When you see the Army go out there … you don’t see one guy with a green helmet or one guy with purple socks, purple shoes,” Dexter said.

You won’t see that at Florida, either. Instead, the hope is that you see a unit that looks and acts like a team.

There’s a Booch euphemism just waiting to emerge here.


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