Dress for success

Look out, world.  The Gators are getting their sartorial shit together.

When Florida defensive lineman Gervon Dexter describes the biggest changes in the Gators under first-year coach Billy Napier, he starts at the bottom.

He starts with socks.

“(If) Coach Napier said we’re all outside in white socks,” Dexter said, “you won’t see a blue sock out there.”

Evidently, they’re serious about that.

Those overlooked details help account for six of UF’s last 10 losses. Change one or two of them, and maybe it would have been Mullen, not Napier, standing at the lectern Tuesday for UF’s media day.

“It all matters,” Napier said.

The socks matter for a few reasons. For Dexter, they represent uniformity.

“When you see the Army go out there … you don’t see one guy with a green helmet or one guy with purple socks, purple shoes,” Dexter said.

You won’t see that at Florida, either. Instead, the hope is that you see a unit that looks and acts like a team.

There’s a Booch euphemism just waiting to emerge here.



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33 responses to “Dress for success

  1. Illini84

    Yea, when you see “the Army go out there”.
    Oh wait. . .


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  2. What I want to know is whether they are all going to learn how to throw shoes. There’s another way enforce uniformity.

    I know people are saying nice things about Billy Bags, but he seems like a mix of Dabo and Bootch.

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  3. RangerRuss

    Fuck those motherfuckers.

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  4. stoopnagle

    Um, so you’re telling me none of these guys ever watched MAS*H?

    Seriously, it’s fun to poke fun; but I recall one year the Gators were so well prepped for the WLOCP-soon-to-just-be-another-game that they were wearing the wrong playcalls on their wristbands.

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  5. jim1886

    Well, we know they have lacked discipline.
    Looks like Napier is changing that.
    Hop they still suck

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  6. whit1356

    I hope Utah stomps a mudhole in their asses to start with and it swiftly goes downhill from there. FT& FTFH’S

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  7. moe pritchett

    When my son played for his dad, they had what was known as “the Napier white rule”
    You had to be able to see white socks. Yeah .
    He learned that from his dad. His dad was a good coach. IIRC he was about a ..750-800 lifetime HC at Murray county. Well loved and respected in the community & area. He passed a couple of years ago after a very public bout of ALS; he was very inspirational during that. He even coached as OC at Dalton High from a lift in the end zone after ALS took his ability to walk

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  8. Russ

    Next they’ll work on getting the same wristbands.

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  9. 81Dog


    They’d be better off teaching Brenton Cox to quit saying dumb things on Twitter.. and also to quit taking plays off.

    FTMF. I DGAS what socks they wear, or what shoes they wear, their Jordan brand (he hasn’t won shit since 2008, either), etc. Talk is cheap. I can’t wait to see the dude from last year’s Florida game who told me post game “well, you got us… but if you don’t win it all this year it won’t mean shit, because you lose everybody who’s any good.” Chances are he stays home this year; we should be unfeated and they should be at or below .500

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  10. Kevin’s Missing Pinky

    They stay dressed to impress. Spark the bitches’ interest.

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  11. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Getting everyone pulling in the same direction is essential. Things in that area must be so bad at Florida that Billy wants to focus on socks as the area that he wants to start with.

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  12. I feel like there should be a new Lexicon entry for stuff like this.

    Booching (v.)—Dicking around on the margins with adjustments that have only the scantest relevance to the actual game of football, usually in an effort to distract from truly significant issues with the team. Ex.: Man, their new coach is really booching it up with the sideline trash can and “opportunity is nowhere” talk. Also referred to as “geoffing” or “napiering” in certain regional dialects.

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  13. uga97

    Has Bootch 2.0 checked their bath soap and urine color yer? Jeebus


  14. Bulldawg Bill

    “Dress to Kill (or Be Killed.)”


  15. Terry McCullers

    Them sons of bitches are dumb. It’s not the socks but what’s IN the socks!

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  16. whb209

    I can’t believe the Head Coach had to tell them that. That would be a good job for the equipment manager to tell the playes and if a player got it wrong, let one of the assistant coaches explain it to him with about an hour of running after practice


  17. Got Cowdog

    All of these comments… Nobody mentions the guy that shows up with one sock.


  18. classiccitycanine

    On the one hand, you can effectively use a focus on irrelevant details to instill discipline. On the other hand, this could just be Butch 2.0.