Mr. Fix It

Folks, Coach 404 is on the mother.  Just ask him.

Specifically, Collins clearly believes that his decision to commit more time to supporting defensive coordinator Andrew Thacker will pay dividends. He sent that message in his time at the podium of the team’s media day Saturday, on the Jackets’ second day of preseason practice. He was asked, for instance, what needed to be fixed to turn around the defense, which has finished 89th, 109th and 117th in the FBS in total defense the past three seasons.

“I don’t know if there’s one place that you can say has been the deficiency and the reason why, but (me) just getting to be with them every single day, adding my expertise to it is going to be beneficial for all of us,” he said.

Which, of course, begs the obvious question.


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17 responses to “Mr. Fix It

  1. Can you imagine the outright outrage if Kirby said that about involvement in the defense as a head coach growing up on that side of the ball?

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  2. Russ

    He’s angling for that future DC position at some random MAC team next year.


    • Down Island Way

      but (me) just getting to be with them every single day, I’m a gonna’ take ’em all the way to a ranking of 130th in the nation…

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  3. ZeroPOINTzero

    Even the Tech fans with their rosiest glasses on have no confidence in this clown. Zero. It’s literally a fait accompli that he will be fired after another horrible season. Fans, athletic department, fellow coaches, support staff and the man himself know it’s done and never really began. What a shitty hire. Tech should roll the dice and hire a young DII or even DIII coach with some fire. At least there’s a chance of lightning in a bottle. This hire was just sad and lazy. Lambs to the slaughter.


    • akascuba

      I don’t think he’s had enough time to complete his mission. Given a few more years he can take their program to never seen before levels.

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    • gastr1

      He was a shitty hire, but they really sold the program down the river when they hired the genius. Ultimately they have so little foundation at this point that the next hire is likely to be just as shitty.

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    • Knowing what a heavy lift it was gonna be to change from the triple option to something 21st-century, Tech needed to hire a) a young, swing-for-the-fences Kiffin type, b) an established offensive genius, or c) a retired Schnellenbergian legend looking for one last ride, someone who could at least bridge the gap between Johnson and a long-term answer. Collins is…none of those things.

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    • It’s funny I’ve been saying the same things here since 2012 and was told by some that Fech could only win with the option. That system is a dead end for recruiting Power 5 type of players. The offensive players want a system that gives them a chance to make it to the NFL. The defensive players don’t want to deal with being cut blocked during practice for 4 years and to play against the pass. The only way it works is at a level of football where the players don’t aspire to the next level and the service academies where the players already know what their job is going to be. Throw in the fact that Fish Fry hates to recruit, and they are dealing with a total mess.

      I don’t know if Erk would have brought the Hambone offense to Athens in 1989, but I for one am glad we didn’t. Erk is a DGD, but that system was meant for a different level of football.


  4. Cool video. I only knew James Taylor’s version.

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  5. More sideline push-ups?

    I’d really like to see Tech get somewhat better so they aren’t just another cupcake.

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    • Bulldawg Bill

      Jaboo, Whattaya mean “just another cupcake?” Sometimes nuthin’ gets it like a good cupcake. Never met one I didn’t like! Yummy, dammit!!


  6. uga97

    “….adding my expertise…..”

    Did a reporter not ask exactly where has that “expertise” been over the last 4 years? It’s been 7 years since he was last D coorDeadman. If he expects Total D to dramatically improve, after 3 years going backwards, then 60th-70th in the nation vs that schedule might be very best fans gnat fans should expect.

    This guy’s a walking deadman.


  7. originaluglydawg

    “We’re beating our heads against the wall trying to figure out what’s wrong on defense”.
    George Pickens…”Let me help you with that”.

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  8. Matthew McKinney

    Andy Staples has suggested at least twice that Deion Sanders would be a great hire, and I think he’s right.