“This isn’t a beauty contest.”

“Stetson Bennett is the SEC’s Trent Dilfer” isn’t exactly the greatest compliment one could dish out for ***  checks notes *** the second best quarterback in the conference.  Talk about your damning with faint praise…


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  1. practicaldawg

    Is Stetson has any shred of pride, he’s been working harder than any other SEC QB this offseason. The media have given him enough bulletin board material to cover a football field.


  2. I assume Matt is trying to be objective because he would get roasted for sounding like a Georgia cheerleader even though every other talking head (with the exception of Ben Watson) seems to be a cheerleader for his program.


    • akascuba

      Matt is IMO one of the very best in the business. I really enjoy listening to him break down game film. His lack of self promotion via stupid hot takes like many other talking heads probably limits his air time.

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      • Illini84

        I really look forward to Monday when he’s on Dawgnation. Adams is often hysterical and Stich is so measured and realistic. He and Tanner know their shit and don’t bite on the bullshit!


  3. ben

    I was listening to the latest SZD, and Stephen Godfrey had a fit when Georgia’s offense came up. If the Dawgs succeed this year, someone is gonna have to check on him because he’s not going to be okay if Stetson does well.

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    • Russ

      Yeah, people are going to lose their minds the first INT Stetson throws.

      Personally I think he winds up throwing for 3500 yards and 35 TDs to 8 INTs. He’ll be the repeat offensive MVP next January in LA as well.

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  4. I don’t want to see Stetson play a 4th Quarter Down before December.

    If we can get that done, holy hell.


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    • row105

      I do understand that the length of the pass is from the line of scrimmage to the goal line -so 40 yards- but that pass is thrown from the 50 and lands 5 yards deep in the end zone and has plenty of arch. Underestimate his arm at your own peril. SBIV for Heisman.


  5. Nil Butron is a Pud

    Number of National Championship Game victories:
    1. Stetson Bennett (1)
    2. ???
    3. ???
    4. ???
    5. ???

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  6. Terry McCullers

    Stetsons play this year will decide if we win it all again or not. He’s up to in my book. What a supporting. Cast he has.


  7. He got tossed into the starting position and we were conflicted. He had a really good season that helped Georgia have a really good season and we were conflicted. He won a NC and we are still conflicted. It’s ok, it’s all lore now.

    Go have another really good season!

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  8. Dawglicious

    Perhaps all these writers are tired of Alabama and see SBIV as the man to lead a team to the top of the heap, so they are providing the Hate That Feeds the Dawg
    to help him in his quest.

    Or they just suck.