Shaken, not stirred

Seems like a strange time for this, but I’m not Jimbo Fisher.

Some interesting moves were being theorized to be taking place among Texas A&M‘s offensive staff, and Jimbo Fisher has confirmed suspicions.

First, Billy Liucci of TexAgs got the ball rolling when he pointed out an interesting shakeup that was taking place at practice.

“Very interesting offensive shake-up at A&M practice today, where James Coley was working with the WRs, Dameyune Craig QBs and Darrell Dickey the TEs,” tweeted Liucci.

Now, Fisher put the new positions in stone, revealing the new duties of some of his offensive coaches.

“We’ve mixed it around in different ways than what we’ve had,” stated Fisher. “Coach Craig has been with us as quarterbacks coach, Dickey has moved over to tight ends, scripting and things. It allows him to do some things, but he’s been very experienced. He’s done that for many years. .. And Coley is working with receivers. Right now we’ve switched some guys around on offense.

“They’ve all done it before. Every one of them has coached them positions before. The dynamic of how we do things, and how we want to go.”

I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean.  Although I suppose you can’t invoke the Peter Principle if all you make are lateral moves.

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14 responses to “Shaken, not stirred

  1. James Coley really must be one of the top recruiters in the country

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  2. sniffer

    Every one of them has coached them positions before

    Funny, but I’m not sure A&M people even recognize the error. They don’t strike me as deep or thoughtful. Jimbo has found a home.

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  3. W Cobb Dawg

    Meh, I thought Coley did a fine job with our WRs. He’d probably still be here if we hadn’t f*#ked up and promoted him to OC.

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    • godawgs1701

      Yeah, I think this is the correct take. James Coley is a good enough receivers coach and becomes an asset when you consider his recruiting. And I have no idea how Dameyune Craig is as a quarterbacks coach but I know that’s the position he played and he’s had two stints coaching QBs at FSU so he probably at least has a basic understanding of how it should be coached.


  4. moe pritchett

    Three weeks in a row:

    Arkansas in Jerry’s World
    Mississippi State in Starkvegas
    Bama in Tuscaloosa

    They could very well lose three in a row.

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  5. originaluglydawg

    The Jimbolian Method of changing horses in the middle of a stream.
    “They’ve all done it before. Every one of them has coached them positions before. The dynamic of how we do things, and how we want to go.”

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  6. I really hope Dumbo falls flat on his face this fall. Part of me wants him to be on the other sideline at the SECCG, but most of me hope the AgCult is bringing out the torches and pitchforks in November.

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  7. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    As long as Coley isn’t coaching QBs or calling plays, he should be okay. 🤷🏻‍♂️


  8. JImbo = most overrated coach EVER (not named Mullen)

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  9. Coley is trash at everything other than dragging talent out of south Florida.


  10. I was really hoping it was going to say Coley would be the OC. That would have sealed their fate for the upcoming season & I believe a mass exodus of all that talent would ensue. Of course, most of them would probably end up at bama & I wouldn’t want that!

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