Bo knows the road.

“But that’s kind of an advantage for us. We can treat it like it’s an away game.”  Wut?


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Who told him that haircut is attractive?

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  2. RangerRuss

    I don’t think advantage means what Bo thinks it means.

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  3. JaxDawg

    Is it too early to start the #BoNixForRhodesScholar campaign?

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  4. akascuba

    When his mouth says we should be ready to roll the look on his face says. I know these guys we are gonna get steam rolled.

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  5. No worries. Like he said last year, he can just use his feet and run away from defenders. Maybe he should turn and run back to the locker room.

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  6. KingMackeral

    Maybe I am reading waaaay too much into his response (he is not fully coach-speak fluent) but I did not detect a lot of confidence from that young me for the team coming into the Benz.

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  7. Did Bo take some of his sweet tea and make it a John Daly before he made that comment? Oregon dumb may be similar to Auburn dumb.

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  8. KingMackeral

    I may be reading far too much into this and I know interviews like that are not the most fun thing for athletes to conduct, but I did not detect a lot of confidence from that young man on play UGA in the Benz.

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  9. spur21

    The only thing that will keep Oregon in the game is Smart’s friendship with Lanning.

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  10. Salty Dawg

    Keep telling yourself that, kid. Maybe one day you will believe it but I do not. GO DAWGS!!!

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  11. practicaldawg

    I hope Oregon fans are ready for the Bo Nix Experience: Away Game Edition.

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  12. munsoning

    Bo’s barber calls that the Ivan Drago.

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  13. Clayton Joiner

    Taken right from the Tony Barnhart book of deep insight 👏🏼👍🏻🤦


  14. SCDawg

    It’s a decided schematic advantage


  15. 81Dog

    Ah, yes. The road game advantage. Do I remember correctly that AU road game Bo was noticeably less, effective than AU hone game Bo? He seems to know the Golden Sombrero is coming his way. Can we get Reggie Ball to present it to his in the post game? That would be some circle closing right there.

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  16. Illini84

    This gem from “Fly Eagle” : Bo Nix chose Oregon because things didn’t work out with Auburn football

    Bo Nix is correct in saying he has a chance to play in the playoff every year with Oregon, but leading his father’s team to the CFP would mean much more than leading the Ducks to the final four.

    Auburn football, by virtue of playing the likes of Alabama, Georgia, LSU, and Texas A&M every season, are always behind the 8-ball to make the CFP, having not once accomplished that since its inception in the 2014 season — although they did make the final BCS National Championship game in 2013.


  17. theoriginalspike

    But ..but… but.. his dad played for Auburn!


  18. 69Dawg

    It is better to look like a fool than to open your mouth and prove you are.


  19. uga97

    Bo knows.
    Bo knows ducks.
    Bo knows ducks suck.
    Bo throws ducks.

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  20. archiecreek

    Bo went to the east alabama reform school for wayward chill’ren at auburn…
    he don’t know squat!!! (my momma would be so proud I used the word squat)