Diamond in the rough

Jeez, I may have to revise my opinion of Matt Hayes based just on this one hot take:

22. Who are the top 5 players poised for a breakout season?

  • WR Marvin Harrison Jr., Ohio State
  • DE/OLB Dallas Turner, Alabama
  • MLB Jamon Dumas-Johnson, Georgia
  • RB Zach Evans, Ole Miss
  • QB Clayton Tune, Houston

I know about JDJ.  You know about JDJ.  But a national pundit?  Props for that.

By the way, don’t miss scrolling down to number 25 on his list.


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29 responses to “Diamond in the rough

  1. Holy crap. I’m not sure any of us would go that far.

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  2. Remember the Quincy

    The answer to #25 will blow the tops off of the Gumps’ heads.


  3. Dawgfan1995

    Wow, now #25…THAT’S a hot take!


  4. 81Dog

    Imagine how heads would explode if SBIV led us to bank to back NCs. If we get to the CFP, should I be terrified that Slowhio St will boat race us, or comforted by the fact they got bully balled into submission last year by a team we inhaled?

    I admit I’m curious to see what Zach Evans has to show on the field. And I’m curious to see how close the “SC will be a rising juggernaut/TN is an offensive juggernaut/AR15 will make FL unstoppable” chatter is to correct.

    As Big Ed Bookman once said, “it’s time to stop talkin’ about the picture of the dog.” Let’s tee it up and see.

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  5. MGW

    Bennet should be a dark horse Heisman. Plays for a great team that’ll win a lot of games, and it’s a hell of a story if he does show out. Writers love that crap.

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    • W Cobb Dawg

      Agree. I can’t fathom why the national media hasn’t already gone full ‘Rudy Ruttiger’ on SBIV.

      Even our PR people are asleep at the switch. You’d think they’d have a video of SBIV’s humble beginnings to natty champ – cue up the guitar theme of Cool hand Luke.

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    • rugbydawg79

      I really think he will be great this year. The Dude is a UGA Legend, keeps winning and he will be close to Herschel, Jake Scott , David Pollack territory. GO DAWGS !!!


    • archiecreek

      Don’t want to throw shade on your great post MGW,
      Writers shoud’ve loved the story last year…
      they didn’t…
      alls lot’of’em said was UGA got lucky because Mookie and Wilson got hurt.
      cept’n for Matt Hayes and Big Stinch!!


  6. silverbritches02

    I put $20 on Bennett to win the Heisman at the Mirage about a week ago. Payout is like $1700.

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  7. Funny thing about his #1… Can Georgia Repeat?

    What he said:
    The last team to do it was Alabama in 2011-2012. With all UGA has lost, it’d be more impressive than that run.

    What he neglected to mention:
    The 2012 NFL draft saw 11 members of 2011 Alabama’s National Championship Team get drafted, 4 in Round 1.

    So yes, while 15 is greater than 11, and 5 is greater than 4… so also is UGA greater than Bama. Let’s do this.

    Go Dawgs.

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  8. I give SBIV about a 1 in 4 chance of being nominated. A lot of things have to go right. I think ALL of the following probably have to fall into place:

    starts 13 games
    1 or zero regular season losses (first 12 games)
    1 regular season loss would have to happen in spite of SBIV — like, he has a great game with 4 TDs and 0 INTs but we still lose
    SECCG win
    40 or more TDs and 9 or fewer INTs through 13 games
    3,500+ passing yards through 13 games
    a “Heisman moment” (or two) in November or SECCG

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  9. Russ

    Damn! Hope it plays out like he said, though I don’t want to lose to an OSU.