Georgia on his mind


“The last thing I’m worried about right now is Dan Lanning,” Smart said at his first press conference of fall camp. “We’ve got a million battles to face before that, I’m not even thinking about Oregon. Our concern is our roster. How do we build depth? We’re not even thinking about that, we’re so far away from that right now. We’re focused on us, our team, our connection, and getting the right players in the right spots.

“If we do that, that’s going to control the outcome of the game more than what he knows about us and what I know about him.”


Oregon defensive end Bradyn Swinson was asked how much they have studied the Bulldogs, so far.

Since the day (Lanning) walked in, we’ve been watching Georgia,” said Swinson, a sophomore from Douglasville. “From the start, he’s been hammering us with information and showing us tape, his schemes and everything. That’s been amazing since he got in here. We’ve been watching UGA since Day 1.”

I guess you could say both coaches are focused on the Dawgs.  We’ll see soon enough which team benefits the most from that.



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23 responses to “Georgia on his mind

  1. ugafidelis

    Seems like a fool’s errand for Lanning to show film of “his” schemes.

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  2. cowetadawg

    Monken: you keep studying last year’s film, Dan. BTW, we have 4 all-world tight ends now. Have fun with that.


    • Down Island Way

      Yes, the UGA football “OC” vs the duck dc (Coach Lanning), one thing the duck hc should know and or remember, Madman Monken has got shit he is just waiting to exploit, he’ll take what he is given and then break it off in that ass…GO DAWGS!

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  3. munsoning

    I think ol’ Braydn misspoke pretty egregiously when he called the Dawgs’ defensive schemes Lanning’s. Aren’t those schemes Kirby’s?

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  4. Gaskilldawg

    I could be wrong but the contrast highlights the difference between the mindset of a coordinator and the mindset of an experienced head coach. Lanning, as an assistant, had to focus on the next game and did that reflexively. Smart has learned to focus on thd big picture. Lanning has yet to unlearn that assistant coach habit.
    Maybe I am wrong, but that is what I concluded.

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    • Down Island Way

      You mean, putting a 5* QB on the punt team…wait, that play has been bleached from the play book…

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      • kokainmothershed

        Would you have preferred to put in a lesser QB on the field at that time? Or run the designed play with someone other than the QB throwing the ball?


  5. artistformerlyknownasbman

    In fairness, it could mean that Lanning has them studying a lot of Georgia’s defensive film because that’s what he wants to implement at Oregon. He will be missing the Jimmies and Joes that perfectly executed those X’s and O’s however.

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    • gotthepicture

      This is exactly what I was thinking. What better to show what you want to implement, than the place you ran it before?


    • biggusrickus

      I mean, obviously, that’s the case.


      • Tony BarnFart

        Yes, this is the media trying to whoop up drama. He’s “showing Georgia” right now because it’s the only blueprint of his philosophy that exists on film.

        I’m sure they bookmark some comments and moments where he knows he’ll have to dissect weakness but my guess is that he’s merely teaching scheme and philosophy, not deconstructing what the specific team on the film is doing wrong (at this point). If he is, I’d say good luck on information overload. But YMMV.


  6. fisheriesdawg

    Maybe it is simpler than the opener. Lanning was hired to build a similar culture to what exists at UGA in Eugene. What better way to reinforce that than to have your new guys watching film of that very program to see where they need to get. The opener just makes for a good excuse to show it more while also killing two birds with one stone.

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    • bcdawg97

      Agreed. I don’t think it is a film study of Georgia as an opponent but rather as a culture and a program. “This is how we’ll run things.”

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    • jcdawg83

      I hope that is the case. If not, Lanning probably won’t make it long as a head coach. A head coach being laser focused for 8 months on a one off non conference game seems like a poor way to run a railroad to me.


  7. I like our Jimmies and Joes better.

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  8. rigger92

    Ive read elsewhere that this upcoming season is the first in a while where we have players in the secondary that can play more dime packages and last year we did not. Lanning is likely to see a much different picture if he thinks we’re going to be the same as last year.

    CKS has made it clear, and rightly so, that we don’t play opponents, we play ourselves. There are no names on the other sideline, just pain fodder.

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  9. W Cobb Dawg

    Maybe it’s me, but watching film of players that are bigger, faster, stronger, and more skilled beat the hell out of opponents all last season isn’t my idea of a good summer – particularly when I’m next on their schedule.

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  10. RangerRuss

    Kirby isn’t practicing to beat one opponent. He’s practicing to beat everyone. He said that last year.
    The Dawgs will study the Ducks in plenty of time.

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  11. biggity ben

    Also, what the hell film would UGA be watching of Oregon anyway outside of returning player evals. Do we even know what offense the Ducks will run? It’s my understanding their OC has been an OC before but never called plays.


  12. Harold Miller

    What team did John Wooden have UCLA focused on during their heyday?


    • Gaskilldawg

      Beautiful comment. For those who don’t know the John Wooden philosophy, he never showed his team their opponents’ game tapes. He had his players focusing on making themselves the best they could be.


  13. toccoadawg

    But Dan has Bo. Bo has studied Georgia for several years now. Bo looks up to us while he is on his back. Dan is not a miracle worker.