Bending the narrative

Did some kind of memo go out about Stetson Bennett that I missed?  ‘Cause it seems like all of a sudden folks are being complimentary about his play.

For example, here’s Andy Staples.

Then, here’s a Florida blogger who, in trying to determine where to rank Anthony Richardson among SEC quarterbacks, puts up charts that make Bennett look like, well, a very good college quarterback.

Ranking 2022 SEC QBs by YAR

Ranking 2022 SEC QBs by PPA

… Georgia is pretty set with Bennett at QB and with all the other talent in Athens is going to be difficult to dethrone.

None of these numbers are a guarantee. Richardson could get injured early-on and Florida would be screwed. But you can say the exact same thing about Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee and perhaps even Georgia.

So I get picking Florida behind Georgia. Stetson Bennett was really good last year, albeit with limited usage.

I need to see a copy of this damned memo.



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29 responses to “Bending the narrative

  1. Ran A

    As this defense matures and Gorgia gets big leads, Steston willl be pulled and rightfully so, to get reps for #2 and #3, maybe even 4 on the depth chart. So his numbers may never be eye popping; but his efficiency ratings are going to be huge. Anything short of winning another National Championship will always be aa little or completely under valued.

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  2. First step to recovery is acceptance. Give em some more time.

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  3. uga97

    Will Rogers is why miss state has a big year, likely contends for the West title.

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  4. RangerRuss

    Reality overcame perception for some. Others will take anything other than Stet winning a second National Championship as proof that they were right all along and Stet sucks.

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    • Texas Dawg

      UGA could lose in the NC game with Bennett throwing for >500 yards, 7 TDs with no INTs and a certain segment of our fan base (as well as others) will say “see, told you that you could not rely on him to win it for you”.

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  5. Bluto, totally agree…it’s slightly uncomfortable reading positive takes on the Mailman from the sports pundits…I had tried to tune out the noise for so long…I hope Stet does the same thing…remain focused and tune out all the noise…#bringbacktheflip-phone

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  6. Terry McCullers

    There are unpleaseable people in the world no matter what you do. Bennett won us a Natty. That’s good enough for me. If he plays well this year we’ll win it all again.. Fuck the narrative about Stetson.

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  7. SBIV turned me from a cynic into a believer throughout the season but especially in January. He did not play well in December. He also did not play well in Jacksonville. Those are facts that aren’t in dispute. After the SECCG, I didn’t think think he could get us 2 playoff wins. I thought we could beat Michigan in spite of him … we won because of him (and a hell of a defense). I didn’t think he could make enough plays in Indy to get us over the Bama hump … damn if he didn’t do it. He outplayed the Heisman Trophy winner in a winner take all game.

    The Mailman delivered. He’s my QB1. GATA, you DGSoGaD.

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  8. SouthsideDawg

    Declassify this memo, pronto!

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  9. Sweet D

    I really thought it wouldn’t start changing until after Oregon, look at everybody beating the rush!

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  10. It’s all a bunch of CYA. These jackholes start the year trashing the returning Natty Champ QB and then defend themselves when he’s in the Heisman Race. They missed the boat on him last year, but they spent the summer rowing their dinghies and now they’re hoping to hop on.

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  11. biggusrickus

    I would love for the Florida blogger to look at Richardson’s numbers by his metrics after the first two games last year and compare them to the rest of the season. Then he can talk about how more touches are going to send him into the stratosphere.

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  12. godawgs1701

    To the point about injuries, I don’t care what you think about Stetson Bennett’s abilities, Georgia is blessed with a very talented quarterback room right now. I’m not sure if there’s a QB depth chart in the league with more potential, except for probably Alabama. I have no idea who their backup is but I’m sure he’s got 12 stars.

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  13. atticus34

    SB IV will have 40 TDs……

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