Monken speaks: “I’m paid to score.”

Yesterday’s presser got off to a perfect start in the first ten seconds and just improved from there.  The whole thing is a must watch, especially if you’re a Monken fanboy like I am.

For those of you who chastise those of us who disagree with Smart on Jacksonville with the point that we shouldn’t question his judgment, let me remind you that Kirby’s the guy who doesn’t let Monken speak with the press more often.  What kind of judgment is that, I asks ‘ya?  (I keed, I keed… I think.)



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  1. Yesterday convinced me that if Kirby decided at the end of the year that his ego needed a chance to coach in the NFL, Josh Brooks need not do anything but go down the hall to find his next coach. Todd would be the first and hopefully only guy I would talk with.

    I’m a Monken fanboy, too.

    In Todd we trust.

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  2. siskey

    Monken is impressive both as a coach and as a speaker. His comments regarding Kirby should help to dispell the feelings that many have about what Kirby’s expectations are for the offense and even more importantly long term how Kirby stuck with the philosophy for the team after the disaster in the SEC Championship team. I knew that we had the right guy but I believe more than ever that Kirby will take Georgia to heights that were only reached before on “Dynasty” mode on the NCAA video games.

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  3. RangerRuss

    I understand why Kirby would limit press access to his assistants. Besides the fact it seems to work for Saban, if he’s going to be in charge? Be in charge. Kirby controls the narrative and can limit the damage that comes with idiotic questions that scream for sarcastic answers from rough men with little patience for stupidity.
    Remind me of an interview in ‘81 with the new combat vet CO of a National Guard unit by an obviously hostile female reporter from the Athens paper.
    “How many people have you killed?”
    “That depends on if you count a pregnant VC as one or two.”
    Some of the boys simply don’t interview well. I’m sure some are grateful they don’t have to deal with the press.

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  4. uga97

    We already play more neutral games than anyone in college FB. Kirby will kick a teams ass in Athens or Gainesville and ain’t scared to do so. Plus you get one more notch in your best with the post season CFB committees when u win an SEC road game. Playing Florida in our home stadium on a crisp, fall night, is far preferable than hanging out in the mosquito dumpsters of Florida. People should stop leg humping Jacksonville, the Texas & Oklahoma money is coming to the SEC and will make up for the city of Jacksonville’s offers in droves, It’s time to bring it back Athens.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    I hope Kirby realizes Monken is the difference between getting to the playoff and winning the playoff.

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  6. Dean Patterson

    Huge Monk fan boy. Love when a coach sounds like he’s been gargling broken glass! He’s proven his worth!!!

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  7. I want my coaches with raspy voices this time of year. Means some ass has been getting chewed.

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  8. munsoning

    O/U 43.5 PPG in ’22? I’m taking the over.

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  9. I didn’t have any to begin with, but this interview leaves no doubts that Monken has a keen offensive mind and he has the ability to check his ego during game play to execute on what the opposing defense is giving him. This interview was just more lead in the pencil ✏️ …go Dawgs

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  10. 79dawg

    As I said in yesterday’s thread seeing the tweets about the press conference, he absolutely slayed it, and watching and listening it is that much more impressive! If he wants it, he will be a head coach somewhere else (upper P5 or NFL) soon….


  11. realitycheckhere

    Looking at the dawgs objectively we should have one of the best offensive teams in the country this year. We have experience, talent, depth, and Monken’s offensive coaches. On defense we have talent and great defensive coaches. Kirby has a history of developing the defense during the season. By the time we play Florida the defense will no longer be inexperienced and depth will emerge. If you are going to beat us this year you will need to do it early. Which brings me to Oregon. We should beat them and I hope it is badly. But it reminds me of the Colorado game when Stafford was a freshman. We were heavily favored and all the Georgia fans could talk about was the damn buffalo visiting. Joe Cox had to come off the bench to save us in a squeaker. Kirby will have us ready but Oregon under Lanning will be ready too and with the portal they look improved on both sides of the line. South Cackalacky is usually a tough out in Columbia and they have gotten lots of portal help too. I think we win both and if we do watch out

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    • Russ

      Remember Oregon went into Ohio State last year to open the season and kicked their ass. They won’t be intimidated.

      I think we win but I’m thinking 10-14 points. I’ll be happy with 1 more than Oregon.

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      • realitycheckhere

        1 point is all it takes for the W. I too would be satisfied with that


      • realitycheckhere

        If we win every game by only 1 point, know what they will call us?

        National Champions.

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      • That game was a portent of what was to come for anOSU. They were not physical. Michigan pushed them around like nobody’s business.

        Oregon got smashed twice by Utah in a 3 week period. How the Utes lost 3 games still baffles me. Also, Utah isn’t as physical as we’ll be.


        • PeachPit

          We’re all in a new season…with new players, new coaches, and new expectations on both sides of the ball. Point taken about anOSU team last year and Cristobal’s Ducks. It is yet to be seen what this new, revamped, portal-driven, Lanning-led Duck team is all about. 09/03/22 is neigh upon us. Can’t wait for kickoff. Be PhYsIcal, Dawgs! GATA!