Snake bit

Damn it.

Sources have told DawgsCentral that Georgia wideout Arian Smith will need surgery after injuring his ankle while participating in a drill during Georgia’s practice on Thursday. Smith is expected to be sidelined for the remainder of UGA’s fall camp. Sources told Dawgs Central that UGA expects Smith to be back from his surgery early in the 2022 regular season, and he should return to action in 4-6 weeks barring any further setbacks.

Makes what Monken said about Smith at yesterday’s presser seem prescient, doesn’t it?


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  1. Sunny beach…hope you recover fully and quickly my Dawg

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  2. What else can go wrong for Arian? Get well soon.

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  3. practicaldawg

    Hope he has a speedy recovery followed by even speedier post routes in the postseason when we really need him. Also, please keep Blaylock safe.

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  4. biggusrickus

    It’s a shame we’ll never get to see what he could have done if healthy for a whole season.

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  5. owensborodawg



  6. Biggen

    AS should probably retired from football and stick to track. His body can’t take it.

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  7. miltondawg

    August…the month where you sit on the edge of your seat on a daily basis waiting to see who the next injury is.

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  8. MGW

    Lose one more receiver and we might lose a national title game to a walk on QB throwing to freshmen.

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  9. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)



  10. chucktowndawg

    Makes me feel sick for the kid.

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  11. moe pritchett

    Just damn. I hate it for the kid and the team.
    He will be back by…Mizzou or maybe Barn.

    Ok. Next man up.
    Ladd gets more targets.
    AD gets more targets
    Blaylock gets more.

    Plus a frosh or two gets a shot. I’m hearing Dillon Bell is showing off.
    We good.


  12. 69Dawg

    Hard for track sprinters to play FB, there have been some great ones but most were rare (see HW total track freak). I have always wish the good white boy track sprinter would come out but he has Zero interest in it.


  13. debbybalcer

    Prayers for healing for him. He will be out until November probably.

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  14. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Someone that is a doctor please let me know what kind of ankle surgery will fix him and make him full speed in 4-6 weeks. Color me skeptical. I think he wants to play football, and I want him to be successful at it, but if he can’t put a whole season together, it’s hard to imagine an NFL team taking a chance on him. Hope it works out, but I hope we have a Plan B if it doesn’t, and a Plan C, Plan D, etc.


    • Odontodawg

      If it’s a high ankle sprain, there are surgical procedures to heal it quicker than traditional techniques. Dr. James Andrews has been doing them for a while. Recovery is typically 4-6 weeks. But, who knows if that’s Arian’s situation?

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  15. godawgs1701

    Death, taxes, and this poor kid getting hurt.


  16. kjackson1961

    From DawgVent, it appears Milton is now sidelined with a hammy.


    • Biggen

      I also read that. We are pretty stacked at RB however. The new guys are showing out from the various tea leaves I’ve read. RB depth should never be an issue for Kirby or UGA.


  17. rigger92

    Requisite “here we go again”.

    That’s why all spring and summer I keep saying, let’s see who survives Fall camp and then call our shots. Hate it for the kid, love that he has what should be a superior support system.

    Milton does worry me a bit. CTM needs to be ready with his starters asap. What a sport to live and die for, same as it ever was. The TE and RB and OL and WR and LB and DB, oh hell. Make them monsters without them killing each other dammit.

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  18. Dawg in Austin

    Malcolm Mitchell, the sequel. Fragile Flower. Hope he’s playing by the Auburn game.


  19. dwojr1954

    We had another real speed demon a few years back, I think from S Ga, whose acceleration was out of the world, but who like AS was plauged with foot, ankle, or leg injuries. Can’t recall his name