It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Too bad, so sad ($$).

Which school has abundant opportunity in its territory but is failing to capitalize on the most prized recruits? — Themanebro

This is a great question and could go in a number of different directions. But the first school that comes to mind is Georgia Tech.

I understand that it’s not easy for the Yellow Jackets to compete with the likes of Georgia, Clemson and Auburn, all of which are a short drive from Atlanta. But Atlanta has as much talent as any area in the country, and Georgia Tech hasn’t been able to capitalize in its own backyard. In the last five recruiting classes, Georgia Tech has signed one (!) high school prospect who has ranked in the top 25 in the state of Georgia in the 247Sports Composite. That one player was four-star running back Jahmyr Gibbs, who transferred to Alabama this past offseason.

In the Class of 2023, the Yellow Jackets have eight commits from the state of Georgia, but the highest-ranked of that group checks in at No. 60 in the state and No. 651 overall (edge Zachariah Keith).

Geoff Collins’ ability — or inability — to turn that around will be something to monitor.

Coach 404 has managed to give Georgia Tech the same shitty recruiting it had under Paul Johnson, without the quirky offense that let them win a few more games in certain seasons.  To paraphrase, say what you want about the recruiting tenets of the triple option, Dude, at least it’s an ethos.  All Tech’s got now is some decent take out coffee.



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  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    If the morons who run the NATS had any sense they’d hire Jeff Monken to bring back the triple option and be happy winning 8 games a year, with some years winning 10.

    Good thing for us the people running the NATS are a bunch of dumbasses! 😂🤣😂


  2. Anon

    Relegate this pussies to D2

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  3. There comes a point when the perpetual beat down of tech will be something to feel sorry for…but not in this millennium.

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  4. spur21

    Caught a little piece by Ken Suglura yesterday – the high point of the article – the punter looks really good.

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  5. When tech left the option you know it was going to be bad. They needed to at least think differently than “hey got any space left on the hype/marketing recruiting bandwagon that everyone in the country is chasing down?” Sure, it may be considered an ethos, but a paper thin one and you need a home run hire to get a coach that can even stay in the conversation. They needed to find another niche to replace the option, but they joined the list of has bens like Nebraska and others who could not keep up with recruiting, and failed to find an innovation or a cohesive strategy to fill the gap.

    On another note, an Auburn friend of mine is solidly down the ‘who else are we gonna get?’ mindset for their coach. He doesn’t think they can compete in the age of NILs and just wants to wait it out until Saban retires. Ha. He even threw out the ‘we almost beat a team that beat you in the SEC championship’ card.

    I’ll have two SADZ this week for lunch with a side of Gator tears please. Always a side of gator tears. Like good coleslaw, that’s a side you never pass up. #FTMF

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    • Bulldawg Bill

      On a side note, Twist, I’m all about good Slaw!!! It’s also a very underrated sandwich condiment. Man, a big forkfull on a Roast beef/salami/ corned beef sandwich with Swiss on GOOD bread???? Now that’s eatin’!!!!!!


      • It’s an old dude thing. I’ve just decided to embrace it as just the way I roll. Nothing gets at my nerves more than good bbq and shitty coleslaw. Have some pride people and don’t shame your entire institution

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    • Twist, the idea of a Barner who says we almost beat the team that beat you in the SECCG. The response is we beat your @$$ in Greater Opelika like a rented mule.


  6. Decent is doing some heavy lifting if you’re referencing Waffle House coffee…Sometimes it’s so strong it will straighten out your stigmatism

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    Nobody gives a shit about GT football, not even GT.

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    • practicaldawg

      This is it really. Football has been abandoned there and anyone who thinks otherwise is probably someone who thinks a Cinderella winning the NC is possible. You either spend money on CFB or you don’t. They don’t.

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  8. Ran A

    Auburn you say? Interesting enough, Georgia Tech has the #12 class in the ACC of 14 teams, while Auburn has the #13 class of 14 teams in the SEC. Over-all National Rank – Auburn is 64th in the country with 7 commitments, while Tech is # 53 with 13 commitments. The Auburn group, on average, are higher ranked than Tech, but to be into August and to trail Georgia Tech (according to 247) is nothing short of remarkable.

    Harsin’s collapse at the end of the year and then, Auburn Alumni being Auburn Alumni, plus cutting BoBo lose, firing his WR Coach mid year last year (from Birmingham) and Mason leaving for Oklahoma State – is having an effect. He is going with his old staff, trying to convince them that he’ll survive this year and build something.

    Everybody has their Georgia game circled:

    Oregon – upset Georgia and Planning has instant credibility nationwide
    South Carolina – Upset Georgia and we can boast that we are on our way.
    Auburn – Upset Georgia and that will convince the recruits that we know what we are doing.
    Florida -Upset Georgia and that will help us win those instate battles we are losing to the Dawgs and Bama.
    Tennessee – upset Georgia and we’ll win the East, then defeat Alabama, in the SEC and the Natty (hey, it’s Tennessee fans, what do you expect).
    Kentucky – upset Georgia and win the East and the respect we deserve.

    Bottom-line: Dawgs are going to get everybody’s best shot.

    Almost forgot about Tech. Upset Georgia… LOL – who we kidding… They’ll be with an interim coach, just trying not to get beat by 60.

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  9. spur21

    I have 5 family members that are GT grads – mention football and they quickly change the subject to when will the Easter Bunny visit.

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  10. If Georgia tech was smart theyd hire a young black coach that can recruit and work to get their allegedly filthy-rich alumni base to make their NIL decent.

    Instead they hired a boring white guy who’s best pitch to urban players is Waffle House and calculus.

    No wonder they haven’t improved over Paul Johnson.

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    • RangerRuss

      Those dumbasses would take your advice by hiring Homie the Clown. Couldn’t do any worse than the clown they have as HC now and Homie don’t play that shit.

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    • Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

      The problem is the majority of all their supposedly rich alumni are foreigners who don’t care about football. Mostly men, mostly from East Asian countries and India.

      Their board and president love the foreign money and make it impossible for in state kids to get into that dump.

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  11. uga97

    Coach 706


  12. Bulldawg Bill

    Hey hey!!!! There’s alot of us upstanding Dawg fans in 706!!!! Watch it, Buddy!

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    • uga97

      [..Atlanta has as much talent as any area in the country, and Georgia Tech hasn’t been able to capitalize in its own backyard…]

      Not my quote!


  13. otto1980

    Georgia State just down the road has built a program that would likely beat coach 404 with less history, fewer fans, and likely less money. State all but beat Auburn last year. Yes academics may come into play but GT is under performing.

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  14. Tech definitely, but there’s a strong case that Texas has been that program for a decade. In one of the few states that tops Ga most years in prep FB talent, great college town, loads of history and wealthy alums. Yes, there are twice as many Power 5 programs in TX as compared to Ga, but Tech lacks the other advantages that the Horns have and the Big 12 is arguably no better than the ACC right now.

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