It’s the same old song.

A new era begins for Auburn Football in 2021 as Bryan Harsin enters his first season as the Tigers’ head coach, and how the Auburn offense performs this fall may very make or break the 44-year-old’s debut year on The Plains. And it doesn’t matter whom your allegiance is to in order to see that — even retired NFL safety Roman Harper, who played college football at Alabama, agrees that his former in-state rival’s chances in 2021 hinge on a unit that is poised to be highlighted by the duo of quarterback Bo Nix and running back Tank Bigsby.

“(Quarterback) Bo Nix has to make that next step for me to where he’s not just running out of the pocket, he’s not just scrambling away from things,” Harper said Tuesday during an appearance on the Paul Finebaum Show.

But with a different meaning since you’ve been gone.

“How are they going to stop Bo Nix at Oregon, who’s already used to Georgia?”  Beats me, Roman.



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  1. Biggen

    How will we stop Nix? Probably the same way we have for years: Take advantage of his terrible game time decisions (Nix experience!!!) and overwhelm the opponent with superior talent.

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  2. muttleyagain

    I find Nix’ familiarity with Georgia strangely unterrifying.

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  3. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    This is the same fucking idiot who picked Tennessee to beat us in Athens this year.

    Guess ESPN found their new Mark May aka the guy who has an irrational hatred of Georgia.

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  4. Opelikadawg

    Of all the college football analysts on television, Roman certainly is one.

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  5. D.N. Nation

    My favorite Bo Nix vs. Georgia memories:

    2021, where he would scramble all over the place before either 1) getting destroyed by a DL; or 2) tossing a pass that Demetris Robertson would drop
    2019, where with the game on the line, he ate a sack on 4th and 10 without even attempting to get rid of the ball

    ….uh, and that’s it, he hasn’t done anything of note otherwise. I don’t remember a single pass from the 2020 blowout.

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  6. munsoning

    Great point, Roman. Every player who faces an opponent twice wins the second time. Same is true of coaches. That’s why John Elway never beat the Dolphins in 16 seasons and Bobby Petrino is 0-4 vs. Saban.


  7. 81Dog

    Bo Nix is Quincy Carter 2.0. Tons of physical talent, got off to a promising start as a freshman, never got a single bit better over the course of his, first 3 years.

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    • William Ferguson

      Kinda like Jake Fromm


    • Down Island Way

      If Quincy could hit a curve ball, he’d never stepped foot on the UGA campus…new oc’s, old oc’s, oc’s from Mars aren’t gonna’ change who the ex-barner is, deeep inside…bo nix is gonna’ bo nix, no matter what color jersey from what ever institution, CGSL what he does vs others, vs UGA football, he is, who he is…moving forward, just call him bo nada…GO DAWGS!


  8. uga97

    Why would we need to have to stop Nix if he stops himself?

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  9. originaluglydawg

    Two clowns, right there.
    We’re all dumber for having watched it.


  10. Faltering Memory

    You know CDL is staying away at night saying I know how I poisoned Bo Nix, now WTH is the antidote?


  11. godawgs1701

    Roman Harper’s suit is so tight it’s cutting off circulation to his brain. if he bends his arms past 90 degrees he’s going to split the arms of that coat.

    ESPN is loading up on a lot of really stupid college football analysts. Bo Nix is used to Georgia, yes, but he’s used to getting his ass beaten by Georgia. Go back and take a look at how he’s performed against the Bulldogs in his first three attempts and then let me know what kind of advantage he’s got against us.

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  12. I just wish sports analysts actually researched the shit they talk about.

    I don’t know these people, but they heard the top, i dunno, three storylines and tried to make it compelling to sell eyeballs. “Lanning came from Georgia, Nix has played Georgia 3 times (clearly forgot to mention shat the bed 3 times,) and our TEs are pretty good.

    Great analysis, well done team.