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Metchie, Williams and different outcomes

Nick Saban is actually more gracious about Georgia’s win here than his hosts are.

Certainly more so than, say, your average blogger on Roll Bama Roll.

I give Alabama’s fan base a few more years until they elevate Metchie and Williams to the level that Tommy Tuberville gave his 2004 undefeated team of being the national champs.  Hopefully, it’ll be too late to throw a parade by then.



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He sure can pick ’em.


You’ve really got to work to make something like that happen.

It’s hard to believe, but when they can Coach 404, they’re basically going to be right back where they were, talent-wise, when Johnson left.


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Jermaine Burton’s business decision

Jermaine Burton had his first public presser this week and aside from the above comment — forgot about winning a national championship?  Yeah, I’m calling BS on that — his remarks about why he changed schools were pretty anodyne.

But, really, it’s pretty easy to tell why just by looking at the numbers.

Burton was second on the team in receiving yards last season and his yards per catch (19.12) were only exceeded by Pickens and Smith.  But he averaged less than two catches per game.  In fact, there were only two Georgia receivers who averaged better than two catches per game.

At Alabama, Williams averaged over five catches per game and Metchie over seven per game.  Two other players besides them averaged more than two catches per game.  That offense is more pass happy than Georgia’s and it’s also more directed at feeding the top two receiving options.  (Although, given Monken’s comment the other day about Pickens being a 1000-yard receiver had he stayed healthy last season, it would have been interesting to see how that would have played out.)

Graham made an interesting observation about how much Georgia would miss in the wake of Burton’s transfer.

I think I’d sum things up with the thought that ‘Bama gains more from Burton’s transfer than Georgia loses.  Although if there’s an area of concern, it’s that last season’s top three receivers in terms of yards per catch are all gone (yeah, there’s the possibility that Smith makes it back later in the season, but it’s not something to count on for now).  Someone will have to step up in that department.

But as for Burton’s decision, it’s not hard to see why he chose to go.  More power to him.


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Thoughts on yesterday’s reader poll

As of this morning, here’s what the results look like:

First off, that’s the most participants in a GTP reader poll we’ve had, so, while this is far from a scientific study, it would seem to indicate it’s a topic Georgia fans care about.  (I’ll leave it for you to decide if that’s enough for the folks at Butts-Mehre to take notice of.)

Overall, the main result — that the status quo would be the majority opinion — didn’t surprise me.  The fan base is split on Jacksonville, but not that split.

I expected home and home to be the second most popular choice, especially since it’s Smart’s preference, but I’m a little surprised it’s not showing more strongly than just over 20%.  In fact, when you take into consideration that the three other rotation options all include Jacksonville in one form or fashion, there’s a significant consensus that the fan base (at least the part that shows up here) cares pretty strongly about maintaining the Cocktail Party.  Much to Mike Griffith’s chagrin, I would assume.

Anyway, I’m curious what your take is as to the results.  Tell us what you think in the comments.


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TFW you read the perfect offseason header

I mean, does it get any better than “Why Josh Heupel and Tennessee football give me hope for Dan Mullen“?

And to think they say hope is maybe the best of things…


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